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test toro 2 only german language

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kite boardertje
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test toro 2 only german language

Postby kite boardertje » Tue Apr 01, 2003 6:35 am

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Postby mopman365 » Tue Apr 01, 2003 8:34 am

Babelfish translation:

North Toro2 I had to test the opportunity that in Tarifa of 12 Toro 2. Unfortunately it was extremely gusty, so that I could judge only heavily the flight characteristics of the Toro 2. In addition it came that I had missed it the Kite on achievement to trims. For North untypisch, also the Toro possesses now several tying positions for the front linen. Thus the power of the Kites can be substantially changed. The further those are to the rear set front linen, become the stronger the power, the elevator and the slope time. Nevertheless one can say first that the new Toro remained faithful for the old concept. The good handling, which knew very stable flight attitude and the direct control clearly are improved. On the foremost trim position the Toro possesses 2 substantially more Depowerwirkung than its predecessor. Even with gusts the Kite remains in the zenith loosely controllably. Error accepts the Kite calmly. Nevertheless the Kite goes early loose and runs willingly at the wind. Also the Toro became arising. The processing is inferior to the Rhino 2 in keinster way more. One finds only good materials and the solid processing used with North. Also the new Snake Skin material, which is used in the front panel as reinforcement, makes a good impression. The new bar is too exemplary now straight and possesses each erdenkliche Safetyoption. All emergency trips are clearly recognizably and very well durchdacht. As soon as I flew the Kite again with an achievement-oriented trim, I will report more. Second-hand it is said that the Kite with appropriate trim increases its achievement in Punkto elevator drastically. http://www.kitesurfing olli

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