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Getting rocker with water/steam?

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Getting rocker with water/steam?

Postby hobbsla » Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:02 am


Well, I've cut out my board, plotted out my holes, and sanded my rails....

Heres the stuff I have planned next:

1) Put in some rocker
2) Stain the wood
3) Drill holes for T-nuts and fins

If I want to wet the wood and use an iron on it how wet do I make it and will I hurt the wood with the iron? Or should I just soak the board? If I do the iron thing how will I know when enough is enough?
If I am soaking it how long should I leave it in the water? Any techniques that have worked for you would help me out alot!

I want to end up with 2-3 cms of rocker. Should I set up my rocker jig for like 5 cms because of the possiblity of the board springing back a bit after I take it out or should I set it up for exactly want I want to end up with?

After that is done I will want to stain it and put in my T-nuts, so I wont be fiberglassing it right away, and I am afraid the rocker will change in the meantime. Am I worried for nothing?

Thanks for your help with this!


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Re: Getting rocker with water/steam?

Postby zfennell » Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:57 am

some tips on steaming

but the glass will be pretty effective at setting the rocker.
you can use a piece of scrap plywood to see how it goes.

most folks use a rocker table.
but clamping your board down while using some bricks under the tips will hold rocker while the epoxy cures.


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