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Impression: Flyboard Flyradical M 2009

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Impression: Flyboard Flyradical M 2009

Postby flyingtrunkie » Mon Apr 27, 2009 10:16 am

board: Flyboard Flyradical M (134 x 39.5 cm)
kite: Flysurfer Psycho4 12 meter
water: inland lake, very choppy
windconditions: 12 - 22 knots
rider: 75 kg
level: intermediate, doing some bigair, backrolls, 360’s, trying to do some more advanced tricks

The board:
The morst important features, which harmonize to ensure you sensational riding performance, are:
- Asymmetrical shape
- Harmonic concave
- Enormous weight reduction
- 3D-Flex Control

The features at a glance:
- Concave Grip – (concave board bottom for even more performance and controlability)
- Scratchproof Topsheets – Scratch& UV-resistant design-finish
- Calculated 3D-Flex – Computer-assisted analysis of flex behaviour in synergy with extensive real-life testing
- Asymmetrical shape – Asymmetric outline and shape for more comfort in all situations
- Flextip Chop Control – Further-developed flex-zones on the tips for wide range of use
- Wide Stance – Wider insert positions for even easier landings
- Wood Core – Full wood-core for defined flex performance and constant bend

First impressions:
When i saw the board for the first time i was really almost in love with is. I love the graphics! You also see some of the woodcore through the transparant surface of the board.
The pads are comfortable and very soft, i don’t know if there is, but it feels like pads with gell in it. The straps can be adjusted by pushing your feet into it just pulling the cord above the strap. Then push the plastic adjuster and that’s all. The only thoughts about the straps i have that they might be too big for people with small feet. For me the smallest setting is ok.

On the water:
After waiting for feveral hours, some chilling in the sun, the wind picked up a bit so i finally could go for my first ride on the Flyradical M 2009.
The first thing i noticed was was the early planing. In only 12 knots i could stay upwind with this board. That was nice! Later the wind picked up more and more and i passed much of the other kiteboarders, this board was a fast one too. When jumping with my old board i did loose my board in the air quite often, but in this session i never did. When travelling to the right i had to go straight against the chop, the Flyradical has chosen his way through it like a tank in the bush: straight to the goal. In turns the board behaves different, carving is easy. Maybe i improved my skills, but when attempting to do a backroll it felt easier to pop up from the watersurface stick the trick.

Later the wind picked up more till above 20 knots. With my old board (131 cm) en the 12 meter it had been more difficult to hold my edge, especially when sending the kite back for a jump. I was surprised that with this bigger board it was much easier to stay in line, and get ready for a bigair.

When i read this impression again it seems to be too positive. But i simply am very positive about the Flyradical M 2009. It is an absolutely recommandation . And no, i’m not sponsored, unfortunately!

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