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 Post subject: Ocean Rodeo Rise 8m 2009 Quick Test!!!
PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 10:53 pm 
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After trying the new ocean rodeo rise 2009 8m. for a few weeks. I think i can say i have tested it to the limits! i rode it in so many differents situations and type of winds.

First day I tried it out it was more than 33 knots and quite gusty sometimes. Everybody who was around me were riding with 7 meters and most of them were frequently overpowered. I just trimmed my brake and i didn´t have to worry about the wind conditions anymore. I only have to enjoy the waves and nice curving!... enormous jumps…

After that tough day, i set up my rise 8m 2009 in 25knots conditions (aprox). Obviously, it was the very best for my kite. Perfect wind for it, massive jumps, and 100% of control on the kite all times! i also tried a few unhooked tricks, i have to say that the feeling was much better than i was expecting from a bow kite! It is not that difficult to get good handle passes.

Finally, last weekend i tried the rise 8m 2009 with conditions i wasn´t expecting it to work out very well…. Less than 18 knots. I was surrounded by 11m, 12m and even 14m. kites.. Also a few 10m. I thought i wasn´t going to be able to ride that day with 8m. but i did! I even went up wind all the time, i was pretty confortable with it.. well, i wasn´t jumping high of course, but i have never had to walk up the shore!

Therefore, wonderful results in all the situations! Extremely easy to ride and very smooth. The kite itself is just like a little toy… good fabrics! ventury technology, very tough structure. and very nice design!

Light pressure on the bar, excellent turning. And MASSIVE hang time and Depower!!! The bar also comes with a “stopper” which makes possible to ajust the bar depower on the way!

Wide enough chicken loop as well and very secure and easy releasing system.

I also have to add that the bag comes with huge range of spares. Patches, tubes, one pump system, a pulley, etc…

I truly recomend this kite to everybody who likes kitesurfing and GOOD SECURE FEELINGS.

TLF: +34 651110234
E-MAIL: armandopuerta@gmail.com

 Post subject: Re: ### OCEAN RODEO RISE 8M 2009 QUICK TEST!!! ###
PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 11:58 pm 
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Hey I just ordered the 09 Rise 10m. I haven't been able to fly a rise yet, but I am completely stoked and so excited to ride it.

Anyways, Im 6foot2 and 180 pounds...
With the 10, should I need to get the 8 for when it picks up?
Ir can I drop down to a 6 or 7 and have enough crossover?



 Post subject: Re: ### OCEAN RODEO RISE 8M 2009 QUICK TEST!!! ###
PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 11:59 pm 
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it sounds like a nice kite, how is its turning speed??

 Post subject: Re: ### OCEAN RODEO RISE 8M 2009 QUICK TEST!!! ###
PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 1:24 am 
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The turning speed and depower (bar throw) are both adjustable on the Rise kites. I like to fly mine in the fastest turning and max depower settings. In this setting you can get the kite to pivot or loop turn very quickly. I love the 8M and 10M for kite loops and downloops. The 8 meter is my favorite kite. You can further tune the kite by taking off the 4M line extensions. :thumb:

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