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09 Eclipse Thruster 8m Review

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09 Eclipse Thruster 8m Review

Postby Soleas » Tue May 26, 2009 9:14 am

After 3 months of riding the new Thruster its time for a review. The new 2009 Thruster just got better in all aspects.

First, the bag. Large opening, very easy to get the kite in and out, kite doesn't have to be squeezed tight to get all air out to fit in.
Large pocket on top for accesorries and all the necessary belts to hold the board, pump etc.

Kite out of the bag and inflated, feels more solid compared to the 08, LE material looks and feels tougher, the new graphics are cool and the bridle seems a bit shorter. The shape of the kite is different as well. Looks a bit lower aspect than the previous model.

The new bar is simply awesome, quality is top, nice looking large stainless steel center hole with the center rope sliding smooth through it.
The grip feels great and soft and the bar length adjustment feature is very easy to adjust, takes about a min for both ends.
The new QR is awesome, looks cool with a glossy black finish. It can't be released by accident like the previous version.
The swivel is right above the chicken loop and its easy to untwist the lines while riding.
I also liked the new stopper. Easy to adjust and it doesn't wear out the center line like the previous one.

Kite up in the air and what a feeling!! The legendary Thruster feedback just got better, i have never flown a kite so direct like the new Thruster.
Fast flying and turning and rock solid in the air. Turns very fast accelerating through the turn.
Turning speed can be adjusted on the rear attachment points on the kite and also the bar length.
i personally use 40cm on the 8m which makes the kite loop in a nice arc with power when grabbing one side of the bar with both hands (unhooked).
I also loved the fact that the 09 Thruster is more suitable for waveriding than the previous model. More grunty in the turns with a proggressive pull.
I like to ride hard and fast and the more you push it the more it performs.

unhooked performance got better too, the pop is insane always giving you that c shape explosive pop ( in my opinion its more powerfull than c shape pop ). A friend of mine ( fuel owner ) gave the Thruster a go and told me that he got scared of it a bit. He said he wasnt expecting that kind of pop :) . Being used to his fuel he went for a powerfull raley and........ he wasnt expecting that much of a boost hehehe! Next day he bought a 10m and 8m Thruster!

Jumping is insane with tons of hangtime. The kite loves to be thrown all over the place with minimal input on the bar.
Dream kite for kiteloopers with aggressive pull makes your eyes wanna pop out everytime you pull the trigger !!

Relaunching is better but not like the Nano or Kima. Ofcourse i'm talking about the 8m which I fly in 18kn + where there's plenty of wind to make relaunching easier. I have no idea about the bigger sizes in light winds.

Overall, as a previous 08 thruster owner i'm very very happy with the new Thruster. PERFECTED!!
I feel like i'm flying the ultimate performance kite!!


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