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Ginkites NazcaII small Test

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Ginkites NazcaII small Test

Postby wiind » Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:10 am

Well, that last comment I have received the new freeride NazcaII.Kite, freetyle, 5th line, after that I purchased to get a good deal.
First to feel the mark that I know, is very good quality of construction, which is desenvalo since the package.
The backpack is awesome quality and top with another bag for when you leave the kite inflated bladeers jejej backpack when I got to the mountain wall and ............. I have not seen todabia kite!
jejeje ...... there is this promise that kites Swiss .....
sack the whole team around him .I do photo bag and I'm going to the beach .......
Tarifa blows Poniente, so it should be put to trial.
Say that in terms of construction is outstanding, as good as other brands ....... very good quality, reinforcements on the edge of fuga.protecciones eva, one pump inflation system and so on.
We notice that 20 years to carry gliders and I notice because I imagine that this experience be translated to the kites.
Again .... excellent quality of materials, both in the kite as the bar.
The flight conditions were .... as always, in charge of the poniente wind 12 to 17 knots steady, but the day a little ugly, I would have preferred something more than sun ......
was perfect, first saying that no Trim thing, as I arrived, plant lines, the last knot, and navigate.
I really liked the feeling of stability that gives the kite, and rank grass and the few who was sailing with 12 knots, and again go to site.
The wind throughout the day but was up slightly but allowed
provide other things.
Speaking of the bar that is not physics, it is noticeable that the wear bar, pressed and responds leave their arms in the attempt.
In her filthy waves that are formed with the sets in the Poniente wind that it is most stable and always follows me ....... I would have liked is more speed in the turn, but one thing I am clear is that as the best sailing in waves is unhooked ...... AND BETTER AS HE WAVES IN Uncoupling behavior was!
for me ..... a luxury that never proven.
As for tips, there is stability, allows you to mistakes, without suffering torn from her arms when you desenganchas.Kiteloops progressive, not torn, and best of all ...... when you jump.
When you make the cut for the jump, climb, and no casualties parece que never hightime brutal ..... .... ...... jajja a different feeling you are left hanging in the air horn to start .... not loosen the bar low.
Accustomed to the "yoyo" with other best-known brand of which I will not say names not offend anyone.
Best of all, after the espaldazos got was that the relaunch -
the kite you expect to throw one of its lines of direction to go next to the window and alehop ...... for up up.
While some saw it as another squid wallowing in the waves and sand ........ that sentence.
Do not touch the tube stop for anything, except for unhooked, and the truth is that there are .... no time to brake is to brake as the truth by releasing the bar the kite to the zenith and will stay there, but I can not say much because I have not checked your wind range by up .... what more has been 17 to 20 knots, without slowing, and everything perfect.
say that the security system is 100% depower for the 5th line.
For me, a very versatile kite, 5th line, stability, security, their main features, you will advance by its tricks ..... so I hope I'm not ..... ke no pro.
it is good hope that will help when it comes to the choice of a comet.
I'm currently very happy with it, and hoped that I got the Zulu.
good while you let the photos I took in the garden before the day of flying.
What I do not dislike the colour ....smuf.. ...... jajjaja oh my mother.


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