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Kite Regulations (KiteRegs) - rights of way

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Re: Kite Regulations (KiteRegs) - rights of way

Postby BraCuru » Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:28 am

robertovillate wrote: I do believe however that the wave rules Richard M has introduced are invalid.
I would not say invalid! They are much less popular than the ones presented by or in my book.
If RichardM manages to spread it around the world and if his rule is accepted by the society we will follow his directions.
If he manages to do it on a local scale we will obey to it kiting on these local beaches.

I believe that I quoted too much and my posts were too long. Let's write posts under 200 words than it will be easier to read and to follow.

RichardM - forgive me I have not answered for you post. It is not ignorance but the simplest lack of time. I hope you understand it.

why u say 1000 but at first place u said 40/50
Galeltic - I do not know precise figure - this is just a guess but I thought you would be happier to see a higher number as your search for the expert might be easier :wink:

Let us know about results of your investigation please.

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