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Hyperflex Cyclone 3/2mm bootie...totally stick!

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Hyperflex Cyclone 3/2mm bootie...totally stick!

Postby rodeoclown » Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:06 pm

We've got some nasty beaches here in Seattle, barnacles and shells and debris force me to keep booties
as an option year round. I've been on a quest to find the perfect footwear that doesn't get in my way.
I've been pretty stoked with the quality of this company's wetsuits for a year now,
but this is the 1st time for me to try hyperflex booties.
The construction method and fit, as close to perfect as I've seen and felt so far.
I love how they have reinforced the high stress areas,
and finally... a heel pull that can take the abuse of a kiter racing to get on the water!
What has really stood out during the 4 sessions of use so far though is the traction.
These are the stickiest booties I've ever used, period.
That in itself was worth the search and I'm about as happy with these two hunks of rubber as a sailor can get! 8-)

The padded arch strap is a nice detail.
This glue seam is intense, and toughens the booties up big time, arrrrg!
Super clean seaming inside, feels baby smooth.
This must be why its so darn sticky...those flexy points of rubber sure do work.

I have to give these booties a very high rating, no down side that I can pick out at all.
Sweet design Hyperflex dudes!!!!! 8-)

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