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Postby tavern » Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:57 pm

I was thinking of tweaking the production boards that I have by changing their fins.
So, kitewise what would be the best set in order to increase upwind ability and control through the turns? M's, PC's, PG's SF-4??? Of course I'm talking about FCS system fins.

(condition of surf: waist to over head height)

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Re: Fins???????

Postby woodfu » Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:26 am

I had some plastic G5s on a 6.0 thruster and recently changed them to a set of H2 mediums. Definatly changed the ride alot. Boards a little faster, think the upwind is a maybe a little better but the biggest difference was what i was looking for when i first saw the fins. They hold long fast turns so much better then the G5s.

Only trade off is snaps and reos take a more effort. Keen to try the small versions when i can get to a set and see if they balance the whole deal out a little more.

If you get a set inspect them carefully before purchase. The inserts on the two sets i've seen were not finished very well and without filling them the to shape the fins would not sit flush to the board and were making strange humming noises occasionally when riding. Bit of a joke when you consider their pirce..

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