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Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

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Re: Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

Postby Hunqi » Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:02 am

flyingweasel wrote:Here is some love for all you fly bores.

Yes, you are boring geeks and can`t kite.
Can you show any pic or video you can ride better than any of us here :?: :nono:

Be careful how you show your love from your a@hole and
you don`t hype & overtype yourself now whatchou hear n see :!:
You think people are stupid and don't know you're baboon from the past :?:
Small world. :bye:
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Re: Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

Postby FredBGG » Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:15 am

just do it wrote:Just for info. My 9m Delta LEI gets going earlier than my old 10m PS4 or 10m PS2 did......

There are now only two areas where a foil is better.
1. Selflaunching. Providing you know exactly what you are doing, that it isn't very windy and/or gusty and that there aren't many twigs and branches around where the bridle catches.
2. You don't have to pump the damn thing up.
I doubt that a 9m Delta will get going sooner than a 10m Psycho 4 10m. However I have to say that the low end of the Psycho takes some getting used to especially for riders that ride Flysurfer Speeds. Very different low wind flying technique required. It took me more time than usual to get up to speed (aquainted) with the Psycho 4 10m. Flysurfer recommends it for more advanced riders. Not saying that 'just do it' is not good enough, I just think he did not explore the low end enough.

'just do it' left a bunch of things off the list....

let me give one example that gave me a real nice session this Sunday.
With a Psycho 4 you can body drag upwind in very very low wind. This made it possible for me to body drag out past the surf in winds to light to do so with a LEI. I mananged to body drag out to where the wind was just enough to get up and in sort of slow motion go upwind to where I found enough wind to kite 1/4 to 1/2 a mile upwind to where I had a nice steady 12mph with the occasional puff just a bit higher. I rode in an area with slick water but with a nice swell thanks to big kelp beds upwind. You can pick up some great speed on slick water in light wind with a good board and a Psycho. Pulled some nice airs off the incomming swell and rode some very nice glassy surf. There was only one windsurfer up there with me, but he could never get on a full plane despite a big board and big sail... however he new his stuff becasue he caught a few nice waves and new what to do with them.
This is a spot that is crowded if there is even mild wind.
I kited for about 2 hours on my psycho 4 15m.
There were at least 20 to 30 kites (many with the latest and greatest LEIs) on the beach and only two other guys made it out but only for a couple of runs not able to go upwind. One guy even had a 16m North Delta shapped kite and weighed about 50lbs less than me.
When the wind really dropped it was a bit challenging getting back to shore.
I had to work the kite like nuts and it was a spooky ride over big glassy spots.
It also got pretty nasty when a set came through while I was playing a balancing act just trying to keep the kite in the air. I waited for the last wave in the set and hitched a ride for the last few feet to shore.
Once on the beach I didn't even have to sand down the kite to pack it up.
I do want to thanks a couple of other kiters that waded out into the surf ready to help me out if I dropped the kite. Especially nice to come out before I even needed them :thumb: :thumb:

Disclaimer: You do need to set up the Psycho 4 by tunning it for low wind/low wind upwind preformance. It slows down the turning just a little, but makes the kite open up to it's flatter mode sooner. It's a two minute adjustment moving an adjuster ring. I actually have made a small mod that makes it even quicker to make the adjustment.

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Re: Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

Postby kenny KAF » Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:16 pm

flyingweasel wrote:Yes, you are boring geeks and can`t kite.
flyingweasel wrote:Its about the loser!
Excuse me flyingweasel but do you put as much energy in criticizing the flysurfer kites as you would for any brand of inflato??? I mean, would you say from any brand of inflato that their kites are bad and their team riders do not know how to kite? I'd like to hear it from you... :lol: Otherwise, that means you're just another kite flyer who does not understand why some people use foils and bash them for your ignorance. :lol:

All the best :bye: I'm going back to my sewing machine to make my own foil single line kites :lol: :lol:

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Re: Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

Postby fernmanus » Sun Sep 06, 2009 8:14 pm

I am surprised how those who do not like foil and/or flysurfer kites would bother to hijack this thread with personal attacks. It is not like Flysurfer is some kind of wacky, religious cult. They build kites for a niche market. Did ever occur to you that many of us that fly FS kites, fly inflatos as well? It is just another kite in my quiver ( a very nice one I have to say, but just another kite). I like high wind kiting as well as light wind kiting. What I don't like is kiting underpowered. That is the real appeal of the FS SA2 and now the new Speed 3. When the wind is under 12 mph, you have 3 options: 1. sit on the beach, drink beers and mock the guys riding on large foils. 2. Go do something else. 3. Ride powered up with the "fools" on foils.

I sense a lot of bitterness and I am not why the foil kiters bother you so much?

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Re: Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

Postby fernmanus » Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:28 pm

BTW, Had a nice session on the SA2 at Belmont Shores, CA yesterday. I was the only kite on the water for about 45 minutes. The guys on 15M kites and surfboards then joined me and later on 15M kites with twintwips. It was another hour before anyone else had enough power to jump. I had a great time with enough power to do rotations and grabs. I didn't feel special. I just want to share the experience.

I am grateful that FS has continued to work on the progression of lightwind kite technology. I tried every big tube kite that came down the pipe. I imagine that the tube kite makers decided that it was not worth their while to target that market. The Silver Arrow 2 has made it possible for me to kite on the same beach as my family while on vacation. I can kite before the beach is blown out. It has allowed me to snowkite in deep powder and light wind. The SA2 is like a paraglider on long lines so it is ideal for gliding on the snow. It has doubled my time on the water and snow. Plus, it has turned a lot of mediocre days into excellent days.

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Re: Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

Postby coleman » Mon Sep 07, 2009 5:32 am

Lets take a vote:

FlyingWeasel....douschbag? yes or no?

**this poll not officially affiliated with flysurfer nor do the results of this poll reflect the animosity towards any potential customers or critics...poll intended to merely gauge public response and weed out the weak links of the forum.

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Re: Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

Postby mv » Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:43 am

I vote yes!

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Re: Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

Postby Kaito » Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:26 pm

echo.. ... .. . .

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Re: Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

Postby alexrider » Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:43 pm

[quote="coleman"]Lets take a vote:

FlyingWeasel....douschbag? yes or no?

Yes :jump: , and PMU too, if they are not one and same guy

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Re: Flysurfer Speed3 - The Ultimate Flying Machine

Postby PBKiteboarding » Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:11 pm

For sure.... Best thing is to ride and have fun, be happy, an ultimate day like Monday...
19M Speed 3 and Flydoor XL... Sunny day and Last Long weekend of the summer... couldn't have kited without the combo... It was one of those days.
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