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Dimitri Pro 128 personal review

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Dimitri Pro 128 personal review

Postby prayfawind27 » Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:25 pm

I'm 5'10 between 165-170 lbs the wind was about 14-16 knots, super choppy, was riding the 09 Thruster 16m the board is very beautiful first of it handles chop like, whoa! I have a metal plate in my ankle so comfort is vital for a good long session, even though it was choppy, between the flex on the board and nice soft padding my ankle never felt it, i was riding for about hour and a half. Now! i'm use to riding 115 and 110 boards been so for for over 4 years so riding a 128 took some getting use to, craps! allot! of getting use to i should say, will need allot more session to make the adjustments but so far the one thing i love the most is how forgiving the board is when you're landing those sloppy jumps, with those smaller boards landing have to be perfect, extra perfect on choppy water. The fins have to go! they are 4.0 which makes turning the board harder than it should be (at least for me) with the edge of the board being so thin don't know why they put on such big fins, I'm installing 1.5 for the next session to see what difference it makes. Pop is, shhweet! combo with the Thruster,aka, da! Rocket! boosting at will isn't a problem. I hate how on the ends of both side of the board it very thin i mean if you hit a rock the board will shit itself thing, i mean if your fin hits a rock it will rip off the board leaving a big ass hole thin. Overall i'm happy with it just have to be careful where i ride and i'm positive the more i get adjusted to the size i will like it even more. Good job Eclipse :thumb:

I can't wait to kill it in the waves and 20 plus knots.
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