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Fluid Kiteboarding Vice 2010 Test

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Fluid Kiteboarding Vice 2010 Test

Postby Logae » Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:19 pm

Hello everybody :)
There's a little test of the Fluidkiteboarding VICE 2010 -it's awesome.


First of all, when I unwrapped the wing, I was impressed by the quality of the construction. The moulded valves locked in the Dacron are really a good idea, generally it's always a bit of a problem when the valve doesn't stay in place. The fabric is really good too.

The bar is clean, without too much complications, that gives a neat impression when you unroll lines -and since it can be used with a 5th line bar system, the neater the better.

For my first time flying the 9sqm, I had a bit of rough, gusty wind, 20 knots average and much more in the gusts. The wing proved itself to be handled easily, even for someone who is used to bridled kites.

It has really a smooth power delivery, through loops it's quite agreeable, the loop goes really low in the wind window, but even if it gives a big amount of power, it isn't scary. The bar is soft, no pulling in the arms required, it's helpful for freestyle.

The feeling is just GREAT. Even in the middle of a rotation, you always know where is the wing, and the speed of its turn allows the rider to send back the wing without anticipating too much. The high speed of the wing gives also an advantage in light wind, we had some this week-end, and I managed to be on the water at the same time as bow kites, which are generally more powerful at low ends than C-shape.

For the depower, I didn't try the High Depower configuration, but the one in between PC and HD. It had nearly as much depower as the bridled kites I used before, without cleating the fifth line. Plus, the smoothness of the wing's behaviour and feeling make the high depower a less useful option.

Now, coming to unhook. The Vice seems to ask for being unhooked :D. Even without pulling any trim, it flies very well unhooked, without giving too much pull in the arms -the power unhooked is handled as easily as hooked, which is really impressive.

I didn't try many bar passes, just twice, but the Vice makes them easy, you always know where is the wing. And more, the large chicken loop is really useful when you need to hook back.

The Vice is the wing who has the better gliding ability in the air I've ever experienced. That gives a real great behaviour whatever the situation may be.

And, when it comes to this, the security system works instantly -I had to use it after a relaunch where a line was caught in my harness, and I was relieved to see that it worked so well.

Relaunching is not just easy, it's the easiest it can be. I always relaunched by pulling a rear line -it's instant relaunching.

I was addicted to the Vice in less then five minutes of flight. Two hours later, I really was sure that it's the best wing I've enve flown. Freestyle is mandatory when you fly this wing -it asks for it, and it's great fun.

If you want to see more pics, there are some :

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Re: Fluid Kiteboarding Vice 2010 Test

Postby Geronimo79 » Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:31 pm

More detail pictures.. and other colours please!

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