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Ozone Catalyst Review

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Ozone Catalyst Review

Postby Toby » Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:38 am

Catalyst Review -

Hey everyone,

since the release if the Catalyst we have been receiving amazing feedback and reviews on the kites.

The Ozone Catalyst is an extremely versatile and easy kite to fly - Built on the succession and preferred flight and build characteristics of the Ozone Light XC from 2009. This has resulted in Ozone developing a superb do anything, go anywhere high depower, 3 strut, one pump Lei. This year sees the addition of the new contact control bar - A simplified and easily maintainable 4 line control bar with the high end Ozone megatron chickenloop and one line flag out safety system.

Since 2009 the Ozone Bars has gained a larger centre hole which allows the bar to travel more freely over the depower line, as well as making the general use and flight smoother this should significantly reduce any form of wear on the depower ropes. (this has not been a problem with previous models however) To keep the bars simple and clean in the hands of beginners Ozone have removed the on the fly back line trim system which can be found on the Zephyr and C4. As you can see in the photo below there is now a choice of 3 backline knot settings which are hidden underneath the line floats. The kite ships on the middle knot but we moved it back one knot in the hands of our riders for a tighter turn and more back line tension. Once you have chosen your preferred setting you have the option of the more of less bar pressure with settings on the tips of the kite. We have been flying on the lighter bar pressure and when the wind is up this gives a nice progressive input which gives you a good idea of what the kite is doing above you and remains super smooth.

Safety and Relaunch Video:

In flight the Catalyst is fast, responsive, stable and easily controllable. Sorry this is a pretty poor section of the review for such a crucial factor of the kite, the kite just works whatever you do with it - and does it all so well! The truth is, its a simple kite and it just works! It is stable and easy to ride, it jumps, it floats, easy to land and launch and all is easy to feel and use.

Everything on the catalyst has been thought through from the bag with separate inners for the kite and bar to the 3 strut design and and safety system. One its first flight out of the bag our 10m was passed around our local flying site. We had almost complete beginners, free-riders and experienced freestylers using the kite throughout the day and all gave the kite back more confident on it than their existing kites and smiling! (With the exception of one of our freestyle team riders who didn’t want to share it and took it home with him to do “further tests with” over the next week)

Freestyle and Freeride Video:

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