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2010 Best Bularoo Kite review by Emerald Coast

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2010 Best Bularoo Kite review by Emerald Coast

Postby lfkiter » Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:24 pm

Well, we finally got some wind here in Panama City Beach, FL to test out the new 2010 Best Bularoo. We've been flying best kites since 06 with the original Waroo, and in 07 we all flew the Bularoo and loved it for its raw grunt. In 2008 alot of local riders jumped on the 08 Waroo or 08 Nemesis HP, and then moved on to either 09 Waroo or Nemesis HP so we have quite a good history with the Best Kites.

Now the 2010 Bularoo is based after the ever popular 2009 Waroo design, which was a big hit here on the Emerald Coast. They are using the 2010 construction on this kite, to make it even more bomber than ever, so that's probably the main difference. Also, we found out that alot of the original Waroo riders were thrown a little off track with the 2010 Waroo, and so Best has answered back by giving them what they are used to. The 2010 Waroo is a great kite (whole other review coming) but if you want that super fast turning feel of the original Waroo, then the 2010 Best Bularoo is the kite for you.

Out of the bag:
The Bag looks similar to the Kahoona bag, but in black, perfect size for the kite and really comfortable to wear and walk with. Plenty of pockets for your keys, and we noticed you now get a little packet of KiteFix patches, which is nice. The Bularoo is using the new external EZ Pump system from Best, and it has proven to be a huge success. You either love or hate one pump kites, but most people enjoyed inflating and deflating the Bularoo, no problems. We pumped the kite up to about 10psi, the leading edge has a super beefy seam, and it's pretty thin diameter. Overall the kite construction looks superb, reinforcements where needed, cool simple graphics, really a nice looking wing.

We setup the 11m on the 45cm 2009 Best Bar w/ 25m lines, and that seemed to work great. If you are in the waves, you can throw it on a redline bar, but most will feel adequate with the regular Best bar.

After a quick launch on the beach, the kite flys up really easy, no backstalling of any kind, we had it set to the 2nd knot from the bottom on the rear bridle. Winds were about 15mph gusting to 20mph, waves were less than a foot, with a slight chop. Not a huge surprise on how this kite flies, we kind of knew what to expect, but it's definitely a very smooth kite. Unhooking from the kite felt pretty typical from last years Waroo, not any surprises there. The Bularoo jumps pretty similar to the 09 Waroo or 09 Nemesis, after riding the 2010 Waroo's we had to readjust our timing to get the best out of our jumps, and noticed you don't get quite as much loft as the 2010 Waroo, but very predictable which is what alot of kiters are looking for. The waves were fairly small, but the 11m turning fast enough on a wave where you can hit the lip a couple times before the wave was over. Again, if you tried out the 2010 Waroo, and didn't care for it, then this is the kite for you. Or if you have been flying Waroos (07,08 and 09) and want to stick with that traditional waroo feel, then this kite is perfect.

Price is great on this kite, a bit less than a new Waroo, but a little more than a Kahoona. Also, if you already have an older Best Bar, you can just get the Bularoo kite only which helps to save when building a quiver. And for quivers, I'm sure alot of guys will do the old 9 and 13m combo, or if you are bigger kiter, maybe go for 11 and 15m. We are anxious to try out the other bigger sizes, especially for our light summertime sea breeze.

Overall Summary:
Great kite, a lot of bang for the buck, if you want that good ole Waroo feel, but didn't want to upgrade to this year's Waroo, then the Bularoo is a great kite for you.

Great price, good sizing, kite only option, 2010 construction, easy handling

Only in EZ Pump no std. option

If you want to check out some more pics and a quick video we made, you can check it out here:

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Re: 2010 Best Bularoo Kite review by Emerald Coast

Postby OceanKiter » Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:55 pm

Thanks for the nice review! Seems like its pretty similar to the 09 Waroo.

How different ist the remaining pull of the kite after ejecting the quick release comparing redline and waroo bar?

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Re: 2010 Best Bularoo Kite review by Emerald Coast

Postby FL Kiteboarder » Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:47 pm

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