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2010 Liquid Force Envy

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2010 Liquid Force Envy

Postby grantman54 » Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:01 pm

Well I just finished trying out 6 new kites after the Pismo Beach Kite Expo. For the sake of time, I am only going to review the aspects that stood out to me on each kite. I am going to review the 2010 Liquid Force Envy, 2010 Liquid Force Havoc, 2010 Best Kahoona, and 2010 Caution Zombie.
Kiter Background:
Well I currently own two 2009 Liquid Force Sessions; 12m and 9m. I am only 20 and have been kiting for 3ish years. But I really started riding this last season. I weigh 175lbs and ride a Liquid Force 133 Recoil mostly but have a 145 WLF too. I am really working on progressive riding right now; working on my airs and technical skills such as riding toeside and waveriding. Every day I am landing a new trick or catching a bigger wave.
Conditions tested in:
The wind I tested the 2010 10m Envy was in about 20mph onshore. The water was rough. Swells up to head high and ocassionally, what I call cross waves (waves going perpendicular to the beach). But of course we also could ride in the little whitewash close to shore. I spent about 30mins on the 2010 10m Envy.
-Unique feel. This kite definitely has its own feel to it. I wish I had more time on it to really get a good feel for the purpose of this kite.
-This kite pulls whithout apparent wind. I feel like this would be a really good lightwind kite or anyone wanting to ride waves.
-Craftsmanship. I am a fan of LF build quality. They put small detail work on many areas kite companies leave out.
-Below the bar depower. I like having the depower below the bar depower. I feel I can get more precise with below the bar depower.
-When I used the below the bar depower the chicken loop pulled up as you pulled on the line. Felt like you were gonna unhook. Just a weird sensation that I could get used to.
-Line twists. When all three lines going through the bar get twisted you can feel it. This did not affect your throw, just felt weird.
-Bar pressure. It was lighhhht. I am totally not used to light bar pressure. I definitely would need more time on the Envy to feel more comfortable flying it.
These are small complaints that I noticed. I am sure if I spent more time on the kite I might find these complaints false/unfair.
Who is this kite for:
This kite is for anyone looking for a performance Delta shape kite. Beginners would do well on it because of its early pull. This kite has its own very unique feel. You just need to try it to know if it is right for you. It really has a new exciting feel to it.

Thanks to the LF crew for the demos.
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