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Argonaut Griffin ten meter review

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Argonaut Griffin ten meter review

Postby MonkeyAir » Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:58 pm

After hearing a lot of good things from a credible wave riding friend in Au all winter regarding the Griffin Argo and closely watching their forum reviews, we bought a ten and 11 meter to test. As headed to Kaui last week to get married, was able to sneak the ten along for a couple of quick sesions on rented strapless surfboards. She still married me... What a great gal !
What I liked about the ten meter in the last month of using it as a one kite quiver
Great power per size with lower aspect D shape for us heavy guys.
Great turn it completely off depower like my kimas
Tons of possible setting and have played with a few with huge differences in performance.
Great no granny D kite stall turning setting for on shore crud winds that is nemesis of so many D's
Good simple bar, with "wrong way" graphic and good quick release you won't accidentaly hit.
You can really huck it around on the 21 m lines and the extensions are there for the lightest wind days.
No complicated five line cobweb.
Good predictable apparent wind generation when agressively working the kite.
Build quality good. Rolled in surf a bunch and looking good.
Good relaunch and letting others use it, nob friendly.
Self launch and lands well.
Light, few strut design stays in air.
Nice colors and graphics.
Simple one pump with neoprene covered clips on connector hoses.
Liked the long bar ordered with the kite, think it normally comes with a bit shorter one..
Let a 265 pound bud try the 11 meter and he won't let me have it back. Thought it was a great all around wave kite with great drift down line as the rest of us. (He uses GK trix, RRD obsession, Kima, and PL/flysuyrfer so knows what works for him in each and thought this good all round package for he and his gal.)
Around a thousand bucks plus shipping for a good kite, bar and lines is a good deal.
This D kite feels more like a cross between the C kites we like for turning and the flat kites we like for heavy guy max power.

Think,could be improved.
Bag great for around town but in luggage on plane could be pulled open and small stuff in large compartment could dump out. Regular bag, bag probably better for travel only app. Still very cool bag otherwise with centered if struts stayed inflated straps,
Hard plastic under bar cleat for depower line. Works great and good bar stooper system but would rather see metal on any cleat.
Both fill and dump valves of small diameter and work ok but a larger dump valve of course makes emptying kite quicker.
Don't know if it is as quick as a ten meter kima would be but it sure isn't bad.
Now I am going to have to cary yet another brand of kites for wavesailing and nobs.

Have Fun.

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