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15m Peter Lynn Charger test

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15m Peter Lynn Charger test

Postby MonkeyAir » Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:05 am

So the 15 m comes in the usual great bag, collapsable spars, etc. you would expect from PL. The new bar has longer throw with a nice rotation piece and through bar leash to eliminate spin wrapping. The middle two lines go up to a Y point closer to the kite which is to allow better pull in for tip turning of kite and provide a very effective safety. Did not really need that as the safety on PL arcs always provided total depower. Nice looking bar though and now with a 23 m line set and three meter add on extensions for those light wind days.... Don't think will ever use them though as the kite turns so well to develop apparent wind power.

Big changes in this PL kite is that the 15 charger is much stiffer in structure, has two vent on the leading edge to increase internal pressure, more cells, thinner profile, effective bridle system and easy launch and relaunch.
After launching in conditions a few others had tried and said, no way to go up wind, too light. I was able to toss up the 15 charger and greatly surprised with the instant grunt on full loose rear strap tension. Being used to tightening all the straps in the other sizes for max grunt and turning, we were surprised by the good turning and speed through window with the power the kite developed. I am heavy and surprised that on my strapless fish that staying upwind and riding waves was possible.

Gary paddled out on his surfboard to get a look at what the kite was doing and of course remind me that I had come up there to let him try the kite. Other kiters sat on the beach but could not go. Now sure the kite was flying properly, I came in and passed G the kite. He had his tiny, no flotation Stretch board in hand and said, if I can go in this wind on this board, this kite is magic... Well he hit the first wave and did a nice jump, followed by another, another and big thumbs up on gybs on the inside. The kite was to stay out there for a long time. He says it turns at least as well as his old 12 m synergy but with more power of course than last years 15 synergy. Knowing how to throw around a kite helps to get the most performance out of it and the charger is a big example of this, however it is much more rewarding in park and ride than any previous arc. Boosts were floaty and easy and launch and land a snap as the kite has a stiffer or more inflato feel.

Two days later after Hyndenberging one of my inflatos in marginal wind and great surf, the practicality of a 15 m charger in my quiver stood out. There is one in my truck now and hopefully will have it out for more testing in the weeks to come along side a 10 and 12 m.
Best PL water kite yet. They test all sorts of different kites as well as they do all sorts of traction sports and have forever. Don't be surprised of what you might find for water kite traction options in years to come. With such a big jump in performance over the synergy, we are very excited for the future of PL kites.
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Re: 15m Peter Lynn Charger test

Postby jaros » Thu May 06, 2010 9:10 am

I will add a few words of my first impressons on the Charger 15. I have used it for the first few sessions and I am stoked. The kite is way above my expectations. Things that surprised me the most:
- fast turning. We hear every year that this years model turns faster than last years model, but the improvement from Synergy to Charger in this regard is enorm. I am sure the Ch15 turns faster than Syn12 I owned!
- internal pressure. I only realized that after lending my kite to pack it. The kite was so hard I could not beleive it - like you would pump it hard with the pump. How they achieved that is beyond my knowledge. The fabric looks the same as on the Syn, the seams look the same, the zippers look the same... Must be the 2 intake valves thing...
- low wind ability. There was many kiters in the water - all tubes - SLEs an C kites from 10-12 m2. The wind was low - 12 knots and lower measured on the beach. I was the only one that was able to hold ground and go upwind on the 133x39 TT. I also tried my SLE-12 that I was using for lightdays last year. It had way more lightwind ability than the Syn15. But I liked the Charger 15 more.

Finally the kite from PL I was waiting for in last few years, after the SLE revolution in the tube world. Nice work PL and Vliegerop!

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