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Race Kites,what to buy?

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Re: Race Kites,what to buy?

Postby alexrider » Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:46 pm

kitesurfbali wrote: PKRA
12 place

3rd place...

Did other competitor has Raceboard?
Bubi was indeed 12th at PKRA, but did not start with a proper directional. Furthemore, he was totally unfit when he entered the Thailand competitions, just completing his exams, with no riding the previous 6 months. He was doing better and better, as he got familiar with Bruno Sroka's ex-board. He was consistently between the 5th and 10th place in each race after the initial 2.

At KTA, he ended 2nd at the free-style event with the Psycho4. And 3rd (my mistake!) at the race. The first 12 all had raceboards, several from the PKRA tour. I ended up overall 13th. What else but my FS Speed could have pulled my old bones and my total race inexperience way ahead of all the TTs and LEI kites in the legs I did complete ? BTW, I had a Mako Wide even when the wind picked up, proving if necessary that I am not brand biased.

I think the time of races with twintips is already over.... unless organisers of future events introduce a TT category, a proposal I am firmly against, personally.

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