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having so much fun with the wainman smoke

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having so much fun with the wainman smoke

Postby NEkitesurfing » Sat Jun 26, 2010 11:56 pm

my first ride on a wainman rabbit I had in the second half of 2008. Just right at the beginning I had so much fun with this kite. Than I compared it with my modern C-Hybrid Kites and found it different, couldn't say if better or worse. Tried some different setup options in different conditions and sometimes it was working and sometimes it was not.
It made me understand what Franz Olry told me that the kite was not aimed at beginners. You have to know how trim the kite for the different conditions and purpose.
Compared it once with RPM and found the RPM slightly better than the smoke. Two weeks ago had the same conditions at the same spot and could use the 10m² RPM 2010 back to back with my 2010 smoke. I was impressed how good the smoke performed! He was as good as the RPM , slightly better upwind, not so soft as the RPM and although the aspect ratio is different; lift and hangtime were the same or slightly better with the smoke.
That is really amazing that the smoke is still so competitive. Some companies are right before launching the 2011 gear. But the smoke is still up to date when you know how to trim it. The more I use it the more I love it.
Once again, good job Wainman and Co.
I'm quite curious if Wainman will come up with an improved bar soon. Can't wait to meet the Rabbit gang again on the Europe tour.

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