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2010 Rise XPD vs older Rise's

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2010 Rise XPD vs older Rise's

Postby rodeoclown » Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:16 pm

I have been asked a lot lately about the difference between the new rise and older rise's.
I've been flying these kites since they 1st came out in 2007
they are an excellent freeride design that can adapt to many different conditions and have excellent wind ranges.

rises have evolved wonderfully since 07'
the latest rise, designated the XPD, maximizes the venturi system
on previous rises the venturi enhanced the overall design
for 2010 the overall design has morphed into a super clean (no center strut) venturi machine
removing the center strut also has a very positive effect on tracking, auto-stability and control bar feedback during turns
providing the rider with a very smooth lineal feedback throughout the entire gestural spectrum of your radial manuever

for 2010 the bridle system is also ingeniously enhanced by a pulleys that are both- when the kite is down low in the wind window
(self launching and landing, or when leashed to the safety after seperation from the control bar)

this kite is incredibly easy to re-launch because of this feature and lets you survive with style when it hits the fan or you blow a move in a quest for progression

2.static when the kite is in normal flight
The sponginess you might have felt in an SLE before is now a wonderfully direct feel at the bar while flying
this is a very easy kite to fly by feel, and is auto-stable off the front lines alone

other features make this kite a standout in my book,
-less sheeting distance needed for depower
-even more amazing traction and control at the top end of its power range
-low end grunt in every size combined with a confidence inspiring ability to smooth out gusts, shifts and rotors
-continuity of control bar feedback throughout the range of sizes and more sizes to dial in your local spot perfectly
-durability by design and materials- keeps you on the water longer!
-a one pump system that is simple and really works every time in any weather
-graphics inspired by nw coastal tribal styles brings it with respect for our roots

Ocean Rodeo 2010...get out and ride! :thumb:

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