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Sea Weed fins for Raceboards!!

Forum for everyone who is into racing and speeding on kites.

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Re: Sea Weed fins for Raceboards!!

Postby Peter_Frank » Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:18 pm

I have just browsed the Airush website, but not found any info on the sea weed fins, not under products nor in the catalogue :(

Any info on size and pricing etc ?

Right here when summer and warm - it is IMPOSSIBLE to kite with normal fins nowadays, and this goes for every kitespot, even on small islands :o

:thumb: Peter

PS: My anti sea weed fins (but not std "shop" fins)



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Re: Sea Weed fins for Raceboards!!

Postby droffats » Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:15 am

Airush says they are 15cm and 12cm weed fins (front and rear). They are very expensive as they are either very small volume production or custom made. Although prices on fins have come down, they are still about $250-$300 USD depending on what your dealer will sell to you for.

I've used them in basically a swamp and found that going below 10mph, they still catch some weeds and I needed to hop to get them to fall off. Above that, they cut and shed the weeds. Of course, your weeds may be different than my weeds in texture, elasticity, whatever. These weeds are so bad, if you fall off the board and have to wade through them, they scratch your skin off. If you kite goes down in them, your odds are less than 50% of relaunching.

I was riding a 12m Vapor X on the Sector 60 upwind and jumping when everyone else was on land. Even the guys on 152 Doors weren't riding.

There is a small penalty in terms of the upwind angle, but maybe a bonus in terms of outright speed. I didn't have my GPS to be sure...

Pimp disclaimer: I sell Airush and have both a Sector 60 and 52 for sale. I will bundle the weed fins in with the board for someone who needs that setup at a significant savings.

I'm also working on getting some mini-Tuttle to FCS adapters to try some different FCS fin options to save a little cost...

Alright, that part of the pimping is done.

- Droffats

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