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The Kiteboarder Magazines Wainman Joke "Review"

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The Kiteboarder Magazines Wainman Joke "Review"

Postby Rossall » Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:03 am

The Kiteboarder Magazines Wainman Joke "Review".

Well I have been going on about this board a lot latlely and this is why, read on.


======================================================================================================== ... rd-review/

TESTED: 134 and 138
AVAILABLE SIZES: 134×40.5, 138×41.5, 142×42.5
TESTED IN: Hood River and Central California, flat water to small waves, 15-24 knots

The Joke was designed to provide the serious rider with a blend of performance and ease of use no matter if they are hitting sliders, carving waves, or charging in the flats. A unique 3D bottom shape provides stability and enables the rider to go big with amazingly comfortable and forgiving landings. The combination of performance characteristics which include superb upwind performance, massive pop, insane turns, and stability make the Joke a board a serious contender. Additionally, the Joke can be used with wakeboard bindings or pads/straps.

Out of the Box: The beautiful matte finish and bright graphics got our attention right away, but it was the Joke’s bottom shape that we really noticed. The middle of the bottom of the board is actually convex in the middle (like a bubble) and flows into a double concave out the tips. It’s unlike any board we’ve ever seen before. Attention to detail on the Joke is top notch; even the heads of the fin screws are labeled with Wainman Hawaii. The very comfortable pads are color coded for right and left, a nice thought for those of us who have a hard time telling which strap goes where.

On the Water: Even in heavy chop, the Joke rides very smoothly. It goes upwind very well and the edge never feels like it’s going to break free or chatter when riding. Where the Joke really shines is in load and pop wakestyle jumps. The Joke really amazed us was with its landings. You can come in hard and sideways, and as longs as you bend your knees when you land, you can ride out of some of the most awkward landings imaginable.

The Joke is a great board for progressive riders that want to ride with a lot of power and want a board that will ride out of awkward landings. This board performs best when powered up. The Joke is a great board to pair with boots for wakestlye riding. The smooth, predictable ride, high amount of pop, and soft landings make the Joke a great board for those who really want to push their riding. If you are looking for a board more suited for big air jumping, you might want to look at the Wainman Hawaii Blunt.

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