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New kite 2003 gossip???

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Postby Guest » Mon Jul 22, 2002 9:09 am

News about Peter Lynn Guerilla from

Thursday 18th July.

4 days of great Kiteboarding over the last week have left me buzzing. Plus, to make epic kiteboarding even better I was lucky enough to be sent a prototype of the next generation of Kiteboarding kites from Peter Lynn to try out just before the wind arrived. So, there I was with a a totally new toy to go out and thrash around in the waves. Needless to say I have been totally amped ever since. I love my job!

The new kite is called The "Guerilla". This kite has the biggest wind range of any kite I have used to date. Its extremely fast turning. Develops a massive amount of energy for speed and jumps, and this kite really jumps! It is amazing how forgiving and easy to use this kite is, and how it also rivals top competition kites in terms of performance. I will have to write up a full review on this kite in the KiteTech page to explain all the features in full detail. Expect to see this new design out in time for the 2003 summer season.

Stepahn Cook (NZ) has just won his third competition this year and was riding this new Guerilla kite in the Dutch event. One of the other competitors in the event complained to the judges that Stephan had an unfair advantage over the inflatable kite riders. Talk about a sore loser! Aparently the performance of the Guerilla allowed him to spend far more time performing his advanced freestyle tricks in the comp zone than the other inflatable riders. These guys lost more ground down wind with each trick and took longer to tack back up wind. I guess if you want to take competitions seriously over the next year this could be a big advantage for you and something to seriously consider. For Peter Lynn this latest win is great news, especially considering the Guerilla is intended for sale as a kite suitable for all levels of rider. I will let you know when they have finialised the design for 2003.


Postby Guest » Mon Jul 22, 2002 9:40 am

I saw in south africa a kind of twinfoil inflatable kite which was very small in outer dimensions but had very much power. There was one flat (!) front tube and two, different size foils sitting on each other. I was out on 12 m2 X2 and this strange kite looked like 6-7 m2 kite. The bar was only about 40 cm but the ktie turned fast like hell. Nobody had any chances of getting the airtime that guy was pulling. Also, the kite was flying very much in the front of the window taking him very high upwind! After the session, the kite was quickly packed and taken away. No markings or logos. I wonder who of the manufacturers is testing in south africa?

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Postby Royce » Tue Jul 23, 2002 12:25 am

Strange... I havn't seen Stephan at any Sanctioned tour events nor for that matter have I seen an Arc in any KPRA pro events woops or for that matter any foils. I look forward to meeting him in the contests the KPRA develop and hope that he has indeed got a magical ARC that will float him upwind while he jumps. Perhaps the annonymous Arc rider is indeed Stephen himself or even better Peter. As I always say...bring that Arc on down...if I'm lucky I'll get him in my heat.


Postby Guest » Tue Jul 23, 2002 3:17 am

well said Royce.... when someone starts mixing it up at a world class event on an ARC then I'll eat my words but til then I'd be stoked to have Stephan and his flying sleeping bag in my heat!!!

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Postby Royce » Tue Jul 23, 2002 12:41 pm

PS why would someone with such a huge advantage be in a small event in Netherlands( woops) when next door in Turkey there is the the KPRA contest with the top riders in the world? Who did this guy beat?

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Postby Guest » Tue Jul 23, 2002 2:56 pm

Dutch equals Netherlands not Denmark



Postby Guest » Tue Jul 23, 2002 9:50 pm


this is my third attempt at this and hopefully it won't disappear in
to the void of cyberspace as the others did.
For those who dont know me I am Lachlan Beed (AKA Lachdude,Big
Daddy,Mr Float )proprietor of Kiteworks in Australia.I predominantly
ride arcs and you could call me a sponsored rider.It is rumoured
that I wear Peter Lynn rose coloured glasses .I do however take
them off to try out other kites so that I can see what I'm missing .
Here are some experience s with the Guerilla ARC
I have used 4 sizes the 10, 13 ,18,and 20
I have found that for riders 80-95 kg these seem to be the wind
ranges on a 145ish TT or wake style board.
10m 15-35 kts
13m 12-25 kts
18m 10-20 kts
20m 8- 16 kts
The upper ranges mentioned the kite is still quite manageable
without being scary and the bottom end is cruising along with small
jumps .In fact the low end of the 20 (basically an 18 with 2 cells
added in the centre to see what happens)is amazing .Mark Milewski
from Sydney was up here last week and was having a ball in winds
less than 10 kts .He was stoked .To give an idea of how light it was
at the same time many of the tube kites were falling out of the
sky .The kite is no slug to turn either .Mark said it felt like
flying his 1120 when powered up.
I have had orders placed by riders who predominanltly ride tube
kites also.Ben Merkenhof will be riding them this summer.On my
recent travels I had the opportunity to give riders of all skills
and kite backgrounds a go and saw riders in Holland on other pre
production kites ripping it up.The general consensous is that they
are a great kite.

So whats the difference between the Guerilla Arc and the FARC.Well
its quite similar in depower,awesome upwind ability and floaty jumps
but is quicker(great in the waves and transitions) and has better
relaunch.I have bowtied it a couple after overflying and luff but
actually relaunched with the bowtie in the kite and got back
in.Having said that the kite rarely crashes and my own personal
experience of relaunch and those I have witnessed is around 80%.
The upwind is so good on these kites that riders on them in comps
have been described as zone hogs, and a complaint was made in a
recent comp to judges that the upwind ability of the FARCs and
Guerillas give the riders an unfair advantage.They are lower ar than
the F and the flares have self inflated cells.

So who are they suited for?Anyone really .I have seen all types of
riders use them including beginners .The riders who come from tube
kites say that they notice the lighter feel in the bar
pressure ,love the upwind and float.The comment is usually a very
cruisy kite.Arc riders appreciate the higher performance but with
the friendly arc feel.When the Peter Lynn glasses are removed I have
tried various tube kites I have found that the 13 Guerilla is
similar in power,depower and turn speed to a 15m(approx) tube
kite .The grunt of a standard arc is still there but more depower.

When and where can you get them?Bear in mind that they are a 2003
kite .There are some pre production kites around .Speak to your
dealer or Vlieger Op in Holland .Its best not to bother the boffins
at Peter Lynn in NZ ,it will slow the R&D.

A quick word on woody boards .I really like them I had a ride on a
board the other day that really kicked arse.One thing about the
woodies that I like beside the price is the flex of the board gives
even more depower.

Gotta go

All the Best


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Postby phree » Wed Jul 24, 2002 2:24 am

Thanks Lachlan. Surely one of the highest uses of this forum is to openly share our experiences on all types of equipment. I think it's great for us to keep an open mind to the various technologies out there. The rivalry with tubes vs. arcs reminds me of how passionate people get comparing Apple computers to PC's. The 'ol different strokes rule seems to apply. Ain't it great having choices?!

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Postby Guest » Wed Jul 24, 2002 7:18 am

I saw tis strange kite with double foil and front tube here in turkey too. There is tree men making some testing by falling down the kite on water and then starting again, many times. The kite somehow turned around in water, start from powerzone very easy and then first high up, he put the power on. No power when coming up from water! Just like a airballoon. The kite was all black so it was difficult to see how it is make. But there was a front tube and from there two sheets like wings coming out. For me it look like the power was much adjustable like a birds wing in wind. I think the same kite was out many days in winds like 10-30 knots but this place very difficult to go to and I have to stay on my normal beach for kiting. Then last weekend, there was no men kiting there anymore. High jumping! - Selchuk -

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Postby Alf » Wed Jul 24, 2002 8:37 am

Hi, the kite you have seen is probably a German companies kite, that is made to circumvent the patent. Can't remember the name of the company, they make windsurfsails too (cheaper than the rest)

It consistst of a inflatable section (middle) and foil section (tips)


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