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News from F-one

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News from F-one

Postby Yael » Mon May 19, 2003 6:49 pm

.הודעה שנשלחה אלי ע"י אמיר מלגונה
.הודעה מהחברה לגבי תוצאות תחרות המהירות, עם דגש מיוחד על נציגי החברה
את סיכום התוצאות ניתן למצוא בקישור הבא ... ANGUAGES=2
Dear All,

This is a great news for all the f-one team and we are glad that you are part of the venture.

Malik first kite speed world record holder!

On Thursday May the 6th, Leucate saw the first atenpt for the world record in kite category speed (follow up of the competion Mondial du Vent). All day long the riders were doing runs 500 meters long at full speed. Raphaël Salles dominated the morning session with a speed of 36.03 knots hour. It is only during the afternoon session that Malik Bouchenafa pulverised that speed with a speed of his own of 38.28 knots per hour. Keep in mind that this is an average speed over the 500 meters not instantenous speed.

Standinds kite speed La Franqui 6th of mai 2003:
1st - Malik Bouchenafa , 38.28 knots, 7 Dream, proto Skate.

4 th- Raphael Salles, 36.03 knots, 7 Dream, Skate.

5 th -Sylvain Hoceini, 33.91 knots, 9 Dream, Style.

12 th - Charlotte Consorti, 25.64 knots, 7 Dream, Skate.

Best regards

The F-one Team

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