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Spotguide de Mui Ne Vietnam by kitesurfbarcelona

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Spotguide de Mui Ne Vietnam by kitesurfbarcelona

Postby kitesurfbarcelona » Tue Feb 15, 2011 7:45 pm

Kitesurfing in Vietnam - Mui Ne Spot Guide
KSB Kitesurf Barcelona organized a trip to Mui Ne in Vietnam. Here a small Spot overview:

Mui Ne is small village 240km north east of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). It takes about 5 hours to get there by bus. Most accommodation and restaurants are on the main beach, about 5km out of town. Nightlife is cool as there are plenty of bars and discos directly on the beach and the atmosphere is laidback. The people in the tourist stretch of Mui Ne are a mix of backpackers and kite surfers, although resorts with mainly Russian tourists can be found near the beginning of the beach. In Mui Ne there are several spots that can be easily reached by taxi, motorbike or even kiting up and downwind. Here are our favorite spots that are a must see if you are kiting in Mui Ne:


Mui Ne main beach (Rang Beach):
The wind blows normally cross shore and is quite gusty close to the beach because it passes first over the Mui Ne Peninsula. That’s why the conditions are best if the wind turns more onshore. There is also a big shore break that makes entering and water start quite difficult for for beginners. At high season it can also get crowded close to the main launching areas as for example Wax beach club, where compressors for pumping up the kite are available. The main advantage of this spot is that it is in front of the beach side accommodations and there is always good crowd to hang out with.


Mui Ne Village:
After a 5min ride, just before getting into the village you can access the beach from the road. There are not many people kiting here. Water is clean and flat, but the beach is quite small and the wind is affected from obstacles of Mui ne Village. There are some points with very little wind like on the beach itself. Only few meters into the water the wind gets stronger. This is an absolute flat water spot perfect for free style. I had one of my best sessions on that spot but watch out for glass and other harmful stuff on the beach and your belongings as it is almost in the village.

Malibu Beach (Hon Rom Beach):

Malibu beach at Malibu beach resort is on the other side of the Mui Ne Peninsula. By taxi it’s about 15min and $6 to get there. The wind here is not so gusty, as it comes directly from the sea and is usually also much stronger than those on the main beach. There are good waves and I really enjoyed the onshore wind because you can just park the kite overhead and ride the wave in both directions as there is no pull to one direction or the other. It was the most like surfing where all the force is in the same direction as the wave. Only if the wind gets really strong (above 30kn) the wave start to break to early what makes the wave riding on that spot almost impossible.


Turtle Island (Suoi Nuoc):

It’s the most distant spot from Mui Ne. A relaxed motorbike ride will take you about only 40 min for you to get there. After passing the red dunes you just have to follow the main street until you see the small island. It’s the second bay after the Mui Ne peninsula and the ride is definitely worth it. There are white dunes that have to be crossed while walking in order to access the spot. The launching area is good and the beach is surprisingly clean. It’s a beautiful place. Behind the island there is flat water but also almost no wind. Unfortunately, the flat water area is reduced to about 30 meters. There is a very strong current that makes it quite difficult to stay upwind. With a crowd this spot would be terrible for beginners, but usually there are only very few kites there anyway.<br /> Watch out for the fishing nets a little more downwind and downstream because one guy got tangled when we were kiting there. He was lucky as he could cut himself free of the net with his line-cutter.


Report byKSB Escuela Kitesurf Barcelona , Barcelona’s Kitsurfing Hotspot

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