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Light wind freestyle board

here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards

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Re: Light wind freestyle board

Postby gbleck » Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:27 pm

When you say S-shape I think you are talking about side cut. Usually indicated as side cut radius. The snow board industry uses the radius of the circle that the board would be tangent to to get that curve to define how much bite off the center. This gives you a better indication of the curve then measuring the depth of the cut if you lay the board on its side and measure. In kite boards its sometimes called a dog bone or wing outline. I always figured it was simply a way to maintain a flat rocker with low drag when you have the board flat it the water but when you drive the heal in it induces more bend at the tips. It might improve upwind angle as well. It might be fun to experiment with two identical boards with and without the side cut.

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Re: Light wind freestyle board

Postby Xtream » Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:25 pm

I owned the Skywalker light wind and the Spleene 159, the door was better low end, the Skywalker was more fun. My current Rogue Wave FatBastard gets the light wind job done for me and is allot of fun to ride, its also extremely light.
I would drop Lee an email or give him a call
Lee made me 2 boards last season, I have never been more happy or enjoyed a board more than my current boards.
The FatBastard is 145 X 46 this replaced my Spleene 159 door and has given me very close to same low end but with a shit load more fun and flexibility.
My Go to board is the 135X39 this is bar far the best TT I have been on.
Close second was the Trax5. I just spend a week in Aruba on this board, small waves and chop at Boca and Flat gusty offshore winds at the Huts. Kited 6+ hours every day and no knee pain and just enjoyed all conditions with the board. I have ridden and owned most of the high end production boards Spleene, Nobile, Ocean Rodeo Mako, Fone Trax5, LF Recoil Comp,Naish Thorn, Naish Sol, RRD Poison, Flexfoil Omega, Jimmy Lewis Production and Skywalker 130 and light winde 135.
My intent was to find a good all around freestyle and light wind board that was easy on the knees, light and fun to ride.
Well either my knees got better or the current RW board is making the difference. I'm assuming its the board design. I absolutely just love these boards

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Re: Light wind freestyle board

Postby TakeFlight » Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:47 pm

Check Out The thread labled 140x41 I made this board with almost the same characteristics as you describe Although i was going for an agressive Wakestyle board. It is a great light windboard. and rockets past everyone upwind with 1.75inch of rocker. And the fast landing feel good with the rocker. I weigh aprox 175lbs. The upwind performance comes from the outline i think and the concave in the center with flat tip and tail. The outline allows for alot of the rail to connect with the water Giving you more surface area for planeing.

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