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SU-2 Proseries Review.

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SU-2 Proseries Review.

Postby grantman54 » Mon Feb 07, 2011 6:37 am

I finally got to demo a SU-2 Proseries. I tried the bamboo a while back and it was a great board but not quite fitting for my riding. I was looking for something a bit more grabby and explosive. The Proseries board I demoed was an older model 2009. The new evolution of the board for 2011 is the Syntax to my understanding. Which just got introduced this last week.
Short & sweet mini review of the 2009 Proseries:
LIGHT board - do they even get lighter than this?
Construction - the finishing on the board is flawless.
Pop - this board has a unique shape to it (similar to Wainman Blunt) and it really adds an extra kick
Grabby - this board loves powered turns. It really grips with an edge.
Skatey - when planning on the surface the board still retains a bit of a skatey feel.
Big arch in the foot pad - For most people this would be really good but I have flat feet. (the pads have been totally redesigned for 2011 tho)
Fin placement - the fins are a bit too close to the center for my liking. (2011 are closer to the edge tho)

Alright pretty much this review is just to shine light on a company that doesn't get much attention in my opinion. I doubt many of you care about an older board but once I get to try out the 2011 I can then post on here my findings and do a comparison. They have had it dialed in for years and people swear by their boards but 2011 looks like they have reached perfection (although I am gonna miss the graphics on this board) :D

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Re: SU-2 Proseries Review.

Postby L0KI » Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:59 am

Got a SU-2 ProRider III Bamboo 135X41 last year 2010, I believe, newer than the one you are talking about but not this years board. I have two buddies who ride the original (SU-2 not Atomic) Blunts and mine is similar to theirs but I like mine better with the bamboo, also my fins are closer to the ends of the board. The 130X40.5cm Blunt feels short nosed and the big Blunt 137X43 feels big and loose, a bit too wide for my weight. I feel like the original Blunts were short for their width and most of them were just small. My board feels just right. Very fast feeling for 9MM of concave, a little loose when it's flat and grippy when you lay it over. My other twintips are Ocean Rodeo Makos, so if it doesn't eat chop I don't want to ride it and this thing is smooth in the chop. When you jump the board it has almost no noticeable swing weight.

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