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Cortina Snowkite Contest 2011 17-20 March Passo Giau-Italy

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Cortina Snowkite Contest 2011 17-20 March Passo Giau-Italy

Postby micheleali » Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:20 pm

Hello friends ,

CSC 2011’s 4th edition - CORTINA SNOWKITE CONTEST will start on march 17th and end up on march 20th in Passo Giau , Dolomiti –Italy .

Passo Giau’s King 2010 is Michele Leoni ( Advance Kaiman-Italy ) ready to become the 2011’s King ?

CSC on Tv :

Rai 1_Tg1


Skysport _Games

The Contest will Start the on March 17th. If it occours to any of the contenders to be late for any reason, please send an e-mail to the organization in order to prepare the heats and single elimination.
The race is starting on Wednesday the 17th, the race program will be planned by the commitee day by day, double checking the weather conditions.

CSC-Lottery: Win 500 Euros just by applying to our lottery !!!

Competitions :






and more else….

In order to partecipate to the lottery you will be in need to apply and pay not further than Friday March 11th.

Inscription 40 € : race-suit , t-shirt, drink card, gadget

folder inscription ( sent it to mail organization ) ... SC2011.doc

How to pay :

Bonifico Iban : IT89R0538702412000001698939
In Passo Giau but you can’t join into CSC-Lottery

Official Hotel

Hotel Villa Argentina
CSC 2011 special price

55 euro ( for person )double-room , half-pension
65 euro single-room , half-pension

Phone : 0436-5641
Mail :

Organization Contact:

TEL : +39 – 331-4885789
Mail :
Web :


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Re: Cortina Snowkite Contest 2011 17-20 March Passo Giau-Ita

Postby micheleali » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:48 pm

news : CSC2001_OZONE_Big Air Contest (Passo Giau )

Join and Win : Ozone Manta 12

You can't miss it !

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Re: Cortina Snowkite Contest 2011 17-20 March Passo Giau-Ita

Postby micheleali » Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:20 pm

Zac Marek (Ozone Int) is the new King of Giau 2011! The strong athlete from the Republic Ceka triumphed in the 4th edition of Cortina Snowkite Contest which ended on Sunday, March 20 Giau.

It was a battle for the crown between Marek and Simone Borgi (Ozone Italy) that has lost its' last chance to win the title in the long-race final (won by Zac Marek)
Italian colors were also well represented by Simone Borgi (1-Race and Best Short K-loop) and Michele Leoni (2 ° Big Air, Freestyle 4 °) and Manuel Tone (4 ° Big-Air)

5 nations represented: Italy, Ceka, Germany, Austria, England
Jan Schiegnitz from Monaco ( Grmany ) a new entry of CSC 2011, astonished everyone with monstrous big-air winning the hang-time competition and got 2 place in freestyle comp.

A special thanks to all the riders present in CSC2012 and to the Ceck crew (Zac Marek , Martin Florek, Conency Ludek) always present Giau from the 1st edition of 2008, thanks guys !

For lovers of BMX stunts, exciting spectacle under the bell tower in Cortina d’Ampezzo with music, on stage with the submission of all athletes with the delivery of chest race number

Despite the Giau closed 2 days a week for 4 avalanche danger the public have been numerous and wide-eyed noted these samples "fly" on the slopes of the pass.
Kite4freedom organizer of the event thanks to the support received, the Veneto Region, the Province of Belluno, the towns of Cortina d'Ampezzo, San Vito di Cadore, Colle Santa Lucia


Results CSC 2011

2011 King of Giau : ZAC MAREK " MURPHY" _ R.CEKA_OZONE

1° Borgi Simone Ita_Ozone
2° Ludek Conency R.Ceka_Gin
3° Zac Marek R.Ceka_Ozone
4° Trevisan Tommaso Ita_Ozone
5° Florek Martin R.ceka_Gin
6° Beni Mooselechner Austria_F-One
7° Jan Schiegnitz Germania_Liquid Force
8° Tono Manuel Ita_Ozone
9° Leone Michele Ita_Advance
10° Girotto Luca Ita_Ozone
11° Cerantola Mirco Ita_Flexifoil
12° Evgeny Vachkov Inghilterra_Ozone
13° Xavier Mooselechner Austria_Gin

1° Zac Marek R.Ceka_Ozone
2° Jan Schiegnitz Germania_Liquid Force
3° Borgi Simone Ita_Ozone
4° Michele Leoni Ita_Advance

OverAll Impression
1° Zac Marek R.Ceka_Ozone
2° Borgi Simone Ita_Ozone
3° Michele Leoni Ita_Advance

Big-Air Ozone Italia
1° Jan Schiegnitz 1min 27 sec Germania_Liquid Force
2° Michele Leoni 44 sec Ita_Advance
3° Simone Borgi 35,5 sec Ita_Ozone
4° Manuel Tono 32,5 sec Ita_Ozone
5° Zac Marek 28,3 sec Ita_Ozone
6° Martin Florek 27,8 sec R.Ceka_Gin
7° Ludek Conency 27,3 sec R.Ceka_Gin
8° Giortto Luca 26,3 sec Ita_Ozone

1° Zac Marek R.Ceka_Ozone
2° Beni Mooselechner Austria_F-One
3° Ludek Conency R.Ceka_Gin
4° Leone Michele Ita_Advance

1° Borgi Simone Ita_Ozone
2° Jan Schiegnitz Germania_Liquid Force
3° Leone Michele Ita_Advance

Video :

CSC 2011_The Race Way

CSC 2011_Trailer

CSC 2011_Rider: Jan Schiegnitz

CSC 2011_The Freestyle Way

CSC 2011_DAY 1

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