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review of Brokite free ride134

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review of Brokite free ride134

Postby jwoodunlv » Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:55 am

If you are going to the South Padre Island kite round up, you should definitely give this board a try. It's not for the wakestyle, handle pass crowd but if you love to carve turns at full speed with confidence, or ride a twin tip in the waves, this is the board. They do make a wakestyle model called the pop but I haven't tried it. Looks like it could be a good board for boots though with the inserts they put in their boards, also they put a lot of rocker in them. Back to the 134 free ride.

conditions: side on 20-35 mph wind with waist to slightly overhead choppy surf.

Pro's: This board will stick to the water like glue when you turn. It just won't skip out and it doesn't matter how fast you are going or how choppy the water is. It just does what you want it to. Getting out through the shore break is easy on this board. It just floats right over it. It handles chop like it isn't even there. It just cuts through it. The bottom has a fairly deep single concave that changes to flat at the tips so it absorbs horror chop nicely. On flat water it just loves to cut up the butter. You can lay a toe side turn as fast and low to the water as you want and it won't skip out. It's also really easy on the knees due to the chop absorbing qualities.

Con's: It's not a pop machine but that's not what it's for. This is not to say that it doesn't have any pop because it will get you out of the water easily and if you go for sent jumps it will boost extremely high because it gives you so much control.

AWESOME BOARD!!!! Like I said, give them a try at the round up or take a trip to corpus to try one out. They are a hell of a lot of fun!!!

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Re: review of Brokite free ride134

Postby borntofli » Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:45 am

I have a 134 freeride also.....Awesome board.... I also have a mako 140 and i'll try to explain the differences.....

The mako is advertised as a carving chop busting machine, and its not bad...It slices thru whitewater easy but not as smooth as the bro. It is very stiff, no flex so rides harsher... The bro feels like a cushion under you....

Carving and slashing. The bro you can slide it around or dig the the rail and really slash hard carving turns easily... the mako with the super concave and big single fins is a bit sticky if you slide it around but carves well but your technique needs to be spot on...The bro is much more forgiving to rider error...

I kite in Port aransas, corpus christi in the gulf and the brokite board is by far the most popular wave tt here....they are made here in corpus, so people have an easier chance to demo them here.... any one who has tried my bro in the surf has eventually bought one...

Upwind... In marginally powered conditions the mako is easier upwind, because of the radical concave but not by much.....Powered up there is no comparison... the bro flies upwind and is so much more fun playing on the waves....

You will not find a smoother riding board than the bro......


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