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2011 Star Kite SBow's 6, 8 and 10m

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bart damner
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2011 Star Kite SBow's 6, 8 and 10m

Postby bart damner » Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:07 pm

I may be a bit biased as I am an ambassador for Star Kites, but let me give you my story before you make the assumption that I am pumping the Star Kites, which I assure you I am not, I am really just super stoked on the product! My wife is from South Florida, so every year at Christmas I head down to the unpredictable winds from Pompano Beach to Crandon Park (sorry! South FL). This year I was fortunate enough to meet the owner of Star Kites, randomly on the beach, saw his kite and went home that night and researched Star Kites online, only to see they were looking for a ambassador for Star Kites on the West Coast of CA, I happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area and after reaching out to the owner, I was stoked to become the ambassador. Let me tell you about my kiting style and it is pretty simply described as riding the waves up and down the coast of Northern/Central CA, while negotiating 2 young boys and a wife that somehow tolerates my kiting addiction! So, I blindly (after doing extensive due diligence on the WWW) ordered the 6, 8 and 10 meter SBows which arrived in April. Upon opening the box I was super excited to see that the kites were build super bombproof and the bar was super simple, not a lot of crap and the grooves for your fingers! So, how do the kites fly you ask? Amazing, fast, responsive, easy to self/re-launch, stalls out nicely while riding waves, but moves into the power zone quickly when you need it to, and best of all just enough bar pressure to know where the kite is in the window without having to keep you eyes on it! The kites launch big stable airs, one air nice enough that I sprained my knee (hard landing/user error!) and was forced off the water for a month :( ! Now back on the water I am happy to report the kites are even better than my mind recalled from only a month before! Happy to report the knee is feeling stronger, not yet perfect, the Star Kites however ROCK!! (as I am happy to report!) :D :D

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