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Slingshot Fuel 14M, is poulie on front lines original?

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Postby Fabjet1 » Wed Jul 31, 2002 2:27 am

I tryed today a 14M Fuel where the front lines were coming together as a Y then another line (about 1/3 distance away from the bar) is going to the depower strap and then in through the bar to the chicken loop.
Nothing unusal so far, except that at the Y there was a poulie that could move from left and right on the front lines that was actually 1 unique line...
No I got U confused!
Another way of saying it: when you pull the bar on one side the line attached to the chicken loop had a poulie at the end (up there)where it was connected to the Y, and this poulie was then moving to the same side that you pulled the bar.
Ex: you pull right the poulie moved right on the front lines, away from the middle and so shortening the right side.
It 's hard to explain and a pic would be easier But I'm sure some of U might know what I meanAnyway the Q is:
Is it coming standard or is it a mod. that was done?
In any case I'm usually flying the 2002 RRD type 4, 14M also and I found the slingshot, much more responsiv and fast turning.
I' m now considering putting this system on mine and if any of U have experienced it please let me know. Lenght of the Y, what kind of poulie, how long the unique line that attach to both fowad side of the kite should be and so on..

The system I'm describing is the similar to the one that start to appear in the mag, and that the wakeboarder were using on a 4 line kite without depower, were the 2 front lines were going to the poulie near the bar and the bar had a Y upside down...
Except with that one we keep the depower abillity with the chicken loop...

How does this affect the relaunching of the kite in marginal winds?
In mine the fronts are going all the way to the depower strap then throught the bar to the chicken loop.
I like this mod from the original were U only have 1 line going to the depower strap because it it much easier to relaunch.
With my 2 front line going to the depower strap I can usually grab one of the front line and pull on it so the kite flip on to is back to the relaunch position, I find this much easier and faster than trying to swim toward the kite, or pulling one of the back line .....

So to recap:
Is this poulie original on the Fuel 14M?
If I do the Mod on the RRD will it make it faster?
What about relaunching with that mod?
Oh last Q: how does this affect the jumps?
Hope U understood something.........

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Johnny TBKS
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Postby Johnny TBKS » Wed Jul 31, 2002 3:20 am

Sounds like a mod to me. I have several SlingShot kites and bars, and while all the bars do come with a pulley on the center line, this is really just used to lower friction and wear when adjusting the center trim gimmick. What you describe sounds alot like the pulley bar featured in the mag, except with the extra pulley added to be able to still have a chicken loop.

This system will make your RRD much more responsive as it did the SlingShot. As far as relaunching, it's still pretty much still the same. Just pull the front lines in a bit, release em..and so on. With the jumps, whether it helps or hurts really depends on your style and what you like out of your kite. Basically, it makes your kite more responsive. Some people like faster, more responsive kites while others prefer slower turning, grunt style kites. To each their own. But the system really shouldn't have much effect on the way the kite pulls or the power it puts out. At first it may seem that way as this sytem also makes the bar A WHOLE lot easier to turn. It kinda feels more like a Wipika or Takoon setup, with the main load being on the front lines as opposed to the harder to turn method used on the SlingShot where the power rests more on the back lines.

Finally, IF you just wish to use a much smaller bar but wish to have your kite still turn as if it were on a much larger bar, this sytem works great for that as well.

I only think I know what I am talking about as I only think I know what you are talking about. A pic, even a hand drawn one would be of great help here.



Postby Guest » Wed Jul 31, 2002 6:49 am

hmmm yeah a sketch would help. I can't envisage what the hell your talking about..but I am interested to know.
I can't see how a pulley with a chicken loop would make any difference at all.
I ride slingshots both on a pulley bar (no chicken loop) and with a near regular chickenloop set up.
by the way on a pully bar the front lines slide left when you pull the bar(back line) right. Any system that pulled both the front and back lines in the same direction would infact slow the turning down if the kite turned at all.
so I don't get what your on about

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Postby Fabjet1 » Thu Aug 01, 2002 4:41 am

Thks Johnny, I will try the system and let U know about it in more details if it's worth it...


Postby Guest » Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:15 am

be warned... I tried this mod as I understand it from the discription here.
the kite was a fuel 140. Luckily the wind had just eased off abit when I launched because the system did not work at all... ie the kite barely turned at all and was basically uncontrollable. Maybe I misunderstood the modification but I don't think so... be wary of this one

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Postby Fabjet1 » Mon Aug 05, 2002 3:38 pm

Ok thks for the infos..


Postby Guest » Mon Aug 05, 2002 4:03 pm


Now you got me confused. I have had a new Slingshot Fuel 140 for a three weeks now with about 15 sessions in the water. I got the same sytem with Y original from teh slingsgot, except that I did not get the instructions on how to connect everything together.

I thought like this: the additional single lines (of about 7m) are just the extensions: you use them or not (for lighter wind, you obviously do). I used them in a way, that where the two center lines connect the single line I did NOT put the pulley (I just attached both lines to a single knot on a center line), but I put the pulley just between the single fron line extension and (above the) depower strap (I thought it is intended for the purpose of easing the tension when kite turns).

The kite worked pretty good for me in stronger conditions (15+knots), although I found it a little bit slow in turns and somehow depowered in 10+ knots conditions (yes I have lengthen the center lines for powering it more as much as possible).

One more thing: the kite has a big tendency (especially in lower winds, but it also happened in stronger 20 knots winds) to overfly me once in the zenith and usually fall out of the sky just a few meters away from me. :sad:((

Is it because I did not use the pulley at the right place? (The manual that came with my slingshot is outdated and does not show anything about how to attach thh Y setup). What should I do with the overflying problem?

How it is supposed to be???? Anybody from Slingshot????


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Postby bosseg » Mon Aug 05, 2002 5:36 pm

what I think happens with the puley is that when you crank the bar the kite will twist a litle bit more compared to an "ordinary" setup. (ie the front lines will probably move in the oposite direction of the back lines and create more twist which in turn will create a faster kite).
I you fly the kite like this with a lot of depower the back lines will slack and the front lines can move around any way they want which I think could make the kite a bit unstable. This could also be a bit interesting in gusty conditions...


Postby Guest » Mon Aug 05, 2002 11:23 pm

ahhh this is all getting abit confusing here...
to Damjam.. your set-up sounds standard and as intended by slingshot ie the pully is to reduce friction when using the depower cleat. no problems here... its a good system.
the original thread was about an entirely different system useing a pully attached to the kite end of the 7m leader line then running the front lines joined together in a continuous line thru this pully.
my experament with this system revelled that it doesn't work and pretty much rendered the kite uncontrollable.
when pully the bar right this system allowed the continuous front line to slide thru the pully also to the right thus cancelling the rear line input and not allowing the kite to twist hence no turning motion. the system does in fact act in the exact oposite way to the fixed 4 line pully bar set up mentioned previously.
maybe I missunderstood the set-up as described by the original guy. but this is how I read it and as I said before BEWARE it doesn't work!

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