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The ideal light wind kite

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby HAMLINDP » Thu Sep 15, 2011 4:12 pm

Litewave Wing 151 and a Speed 3 21M have my vote.

If you can afford the FlyRace, that would be an even better board than the Wing!

David :)

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby ChickenTikka » Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:13 pm

A set of golf clubs.

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby Kamikuza » Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:56 am

ChickenTikka wrote:A set of golf clubs.
Yawn. ... Duke_O.jpg


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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby DrLightWind » Fri Sep 16, 2011 3:22 am

DrLightWind wrote: Please move on and try different equipment to develop more fun in kiteboarding activity.
Trust me light wind riding is a pain of a butt without the right combo
U-C my user name, it's for a reason :!:
Innis wrote:Interesting that you would suggest that "I" have it mixed up.
I was agreeing with Abel and there are others who agree with us too,
so I guess you're suggesting that we all have it mixed up.
I suggested only to try different equipment to develop more fun in kiteboarding activity
so you don’t come back Off-Topic after 2 years reviving the old Post: Feb 08, 2009,
when the thread is about "The ideal light wind kite" of the poster, NOT THE BOARD :nono:
Even FredBGG posted "A big flat board is important...".

BULLSH!T, Read it again below since you forgat and don't take things out of context,
and don't imitate the Pope :!:
FredBGG wrote:A big flat board is important,
but add a really good low wind kite like the Flysurfer Speed 2
and you have a winning combination.
The sport is called kitesurfing for a reason......the kite IS very important.
However, if people perceive that it's just one person you're disagreeing with it
makes what you say sound more credible.
I'm sure the username you chose for yourself adds to your perceived credibility too.
When you come back and listen to what I suggested over 2 years ago
with positive experiences to share than only you’re creditable.
Otherwise you look like an a-hole to come back with a purpose of an endless argument
because the wind is not blowing and venting here.
But if you want you can have all the credit for your ego,
cause you're still not listening :naughty: and I don't give a crap for credit here, hahaha...

I suggest for you to save and celebrate yourself with the 21m Speed3 for light winds like I did,
and come back with a real light wind ZEN experience if you're really serious :bye:

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby balugh » Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:27 am

SupaEZ wrote:Hello TKITEBOARD. Yes the Dyno is great light wind kite.I tested the 18M w/2.5m extensions(total 27.5m lines)using North Freerace twin fin,Whip 5'7" & Kontact 5'9".For a tube kite it is the closest in smooth power than the speed 3 21M.Can not go in as low of wind however by about one knot.Not bad considering that it is 3M smaller.Was not tested with a full blown raceboard.My threshold in summer wind was 8 knots(9.2mph) to fly upwind with Dyno.Take note it is quite a workout to pump if you do all by hand.It is not one pump. 7 struts and impressive leading edge.Electric pump for leading edge is what i did while i pumped the struts.In a side by side test comparing against speed3 15M deluxe the Dyno 18 clearly had more power and was more fun in waves in 9.5knots (10.9mph) using Whip 5'7" Dyno is primarily a race kite but in experienced hands works well for use in waves. :) :) SupaEZ
A friend of mine has the Dyno 16M. It's a nice kite. I think it turns a bit faster than my S3 but there's not much in it. In comparable conditions I'll boost more than him. He's out on it about the same time I'm heading out on my 15M S3 though he's about 10kg lighter than me. Definitely worth a look.

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby PVITfrumBYRAM » Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:27 pm

I've flown several different kites in light wind scenarios. I live on Hatteras Island where I teach. I weigh 145lbs and am usually the guinea pig every lightwind day. The most impressive upwind riding I've done was probably with my 13.5 Obsession and a litewave wing 161 this past week. I took all four fins off the wing and find it works better for super light days. It was blowing 8-13 mph but I never saw any white caps so I'm guessing on average it was slightly less than 11 or 12 mph. Many others were riding 16 havocs and 17m Zephyrs but they were bigger guys and had no chance to go upwind. My buddy was on a 15m RRD Obsession and a wing as well and could go upwind but he had 30 pounds on me. I was able to jump a few feet in the air and even backroll transition. I taught a lot of lessons in wind like this over the years. One thing that helped too was once I was starting to gain speed across the water, I would unhook with the kite low and sign the kite up and down. I still had an upwind tack but went faster and then eventually I would hook back in to park the kite or to send it for a jump. I've been out other days in less wind when the meter read 6-12 mph but we had a big wind shadow. I was on the 15meter Obsession with the wing with fins on. It was definitely lighter than the days I was on my 13.5 but it was a cooler North wind so it had some push to it. I held my ground pretty solid for a half hour and rode upwind on several tacks but the wind shadow and shorter tacks got the best of me.

I've also been out on the Ocean Rodeo Flight 17.5 meter in similar winds and with smaller boards. That kite turns over incredibly well for relaunch but it always sits deep so going upwind is taxing on the legs and knees. The Obsession also turns over very well. I've flown the 2013 Crossbow when our wind meter read 4-10 mph with and average of 7. It was slow and I was again on the wing 161. I was going upwind just fine if I dove the kite hard on a power stroke. It was pretty amazing but I think it partly had to do with some prefrontal winds from a cloud ban that was helping me but not yet registering on our wind meter. Who knows.

I also got a chance to fly the Core 19m the day after the crossbow. I've never flown anything that size and it was hella fast compared to the crossbow. It was registering the same wind speeds on our meter but no dark and stormy clouds coming in. It took me a while to get the right feel for the kite itself. I was working my legs too hard until I trimmed the kite slightly and sheeted out a hair, then the kite moved out of the power zone and towards the edge of the wind window and just started pulling me more upwind. I was very impressed by this kite. I flew the 17m a few days later when the wind first started to kick on, 10mph roughly and flew it well into dark when the wind picked up to 20 mph. I never felt under or overpowered on this. I've flown the switchblade 14m quite a lot too. It stalls a ton and feels like the crossbow in light winds but is fun to boost on in 15-20mph. Ive also been on the Infinity plenty but always in a wind shadow. I've flown my 9 meter renegade against Dimitri on the infinity and an equally big dude on a flysurfer before. Again being the lightest guy in the pack gives me a huge advantage, just have to pick your battles and rock a huge board. I found taking the fins off and unhooking at times made everything faster.

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