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Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

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Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

Postby coolhari2000 » Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:45 pm


Please feel free to share experiences & tips on locations, stay options, must see spots, must do things, equipment rental options etc

I am going to PR 1st week of december with a couple of friends. One of em is an instructor & semi pro. The rest of us are Newbees :)

so far i have the plane tickets, car reservation & nothing else. the mangroves will probably be my 1st stop at least for the 1st day.
We will have our own min gear (1 kite, 1 board, 1 harness, 1 impact vest).

do we need our wet suites ?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
If you live in PR, we'd be happy to grab a beer as well & hit on some bikini clad chics.

Thanks much

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Re: Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

Postby BigR » Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:21 pm

no wetsuits needed at all. Parguera will be sleepy and windless
that time of year. All the bikini and kite action will be in Condado
in San Juan that time of year unless you want waves then head to Isabella.
Most likely (near 100%) Your wind will be from the NE, so that means the North side of the island.

The kite shop in PR is vela uno, also in Condado. I doubt they rent except surfboards maybe

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Re: Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

Postby BigR » Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:50 pm

this is where most of the kitesurfing is done on the island ... 7#0004;ABR

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Re: Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

Postby Manuel V » Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:11 am

Contact Juan Carlos he is the owner of 15 knots kite school located in Isla Verde just 15 minutes from San Juan airport, he is the Cabrinha rep. for Puerto Rico
and he can help you with rentals, kite spots, etc etc

you can visit his web page to see some videos and other information.

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Re: Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

Postby 15KnotsKiteboarding » Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:08 pm

Hey guys this is Juan Carlos from 15 Knots Kiteboarding School. Since I started kitesurfing in Puerto Rico back in 1998, I have been traveling and exploring the island looking for epic kiteboarding and kitesurfing conditions. In May of 2011, 15 Knots conducted the Puerto Rico Pro Kiteboarding tour featuring 6 professional riders at some of these spots. You can see more about it here: ... erto-rico/

Here is your guide for you next Kiteboarding-kitesurfing trip-vacation to Puerto Rico:

When to come:

December through April - side to side on shore wind conditions range from 15 - 25 knots. Wind is steady to light gusts. This is the best season for kite surfing on waves and you can also ride flatter water depending on the day.

June through August - side to side on shore wind conditions range from 15 - 30 knots. Wind is steady to gusty. This is the best season for freeriding and freestyle on nice and strong winds.

If you decide to visit during May, September, October and November, know that the wind is not very consistent during these months. You will need to go to and analyze the puerto rico mad and wind meters to identify where the is wind in the island. Get on your car, and go after it.

Where to go:
If you are looking to learn the sport and freeriding, the best spots are in Cafe La Plage in Isla verde and Ocean Park. There is a cool ambiance on both beaches. Isla Verde is visited mostly by families and young professionals while Ocean Park has more of a younger crowd. During weekdays, both beaches are pretty relaxed while on the weekends they can get a bit busy. Cafe La Plage has live DJ's every weekend and a free air compressor to inflate your kites as well as kiteboarding rentals.

You can find flat water in the east near Luquillo and Rio Grande, or in the south in La Parguera. The main difference is that you need to drive about 2.5 hours to get to La Parguera from San Juan and need a boat to get to the mangroves. If you want to avoid the drive and boat logistic, you can take a trip to any of these spots in the east. That would be a 25-30 minute drive.

If you are looking for waves, you can find an outer reef that goes from Isla Verde to Condado about 1/4 - 1/2 mile offshore or you can go to the west towards Isabela, Aguadilla and Rincón. I recommend Montones and Shack's beach in Isabela. Surfer's beach in Aguadilla and Sandy beach in Rincón. Waves go from knee high to over head in any of these spots during the wave season.

There is no a need for a wetsuit, we are in the Caribbean...

Renting Kitesurfing equipment
If you are looking to rent kiteboarding equipment, we offer hourly, daily and weekly rentals of Cabrinha kites, boards and harnesses. We also have some directionals and surfboards for those looking to ride waves. More information here:

Rules and regulations
Local kiteboarders enforce common kiteboarding safety protocols in every spot. You can kiteboard anywhere safe as long as you don't put yourself or anyone else in danger. Swimming areas marked by buoys are prohibited to ride on but you can body drag through in order to get to the outside and from there you can ride at a safe distance.

If you need some suggestions and guidance of what to do, feel free to contact me at 787-215-5667 and I'll be more than happy to assist you.

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Re: Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

Postby J_kiter16 » Mon Nov 09, 2015 8:04 pm

I learned to kiteboard in Dorado, Puerto Rico at GoodWinds. However, I wouldn't recommend it for beginners. The water is deep and choppy. I had a much better experience in Punta Cana in the Dominican. State side, the outer banks is unreal. Flat, shallow water for miles....

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Re: Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

Postby Toby » Mon Nov 09, 2015 11:22 pm

I covered almost all spots on (which soon will be part of

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Re: Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

Postby Do-it » Mon Nov 09, 2015 11:23 pm

Make sure you have a small Puerto Rican flag dangling from your bar.......and add a spoiler to your board. :o

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Re: Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

Postby Hugh2 » Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:21 am

I rented a tt from 15 knots two summers go, very nice people. The waves breaking on the outside we're huge that day, and so the inside was rather choppy. The wind was not strong enough for my 12m to jump the huge waves outside. But in more normal conditions the inside should be oky for newbies - and the hotshot can go to the reef.

I also rode some small waves at Isabela half way to Rincon. I rented a surfboard from a nearby surf shop and just did not tell them it was for kiting.

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Re: Puerto Rico Tips, Experiences & Pointers - Please share

Postby skullcandy » Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:59 pm

Juan Carlos Nailed it all - Great guy and great place to ride at Isla Verde if you want to be with other people and kiters. 15knots is a great kite club and shop!

One spot he did not mention is Guayama in the South (Punta Pozuelo - its on SPLOCS)... Nice flat water spot with waves outside about 1.5 hours drive from San Juan. Keep an eye on the Las Mareas wind meter. If its 20 kt out of the E at 9am with sunny skies... its on all day!! If you go to this spot, its all locals and a few of fisherman out in the flat water. They usually are done around noon - give them lots of space and respect the locals on the small launch/beach area. The flat water is coral/rocky and can sometimes be shallow so wear booties, remove your fins and be careful doing tricks. But sometimes its 3 ft deep and totally fine. All depends on tides but its usually plenty deep in Jan - March.

I love kiting in PR - lots of spots to ride from beginner to advanced to flat water free style, free ride, and big wave kiting.

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