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fifth line ?

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Postby jever98 » Fri Aug 02, 2002 11:20 am

But what is the advantage of this system? I would be afraid to damage the main tube...


Postby Guest » Fri Aug 02, 2002 3:40 pm

Northkites recommends in their user manual (download!) just to connect one strut (No 2 or 4) as fifth line ! It works perfect, you don´t need to install the inverse "V" between strut 4 and 2 ! The kite reversely opens to one side (you can choose to which one depending on your actual kitespot) and then you just steer it from the powerzone up and away .. Don´t know if it will work with any other brand, but it´s worth giving it a try !



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Postby Kitedemon » Sat Aug 03, 2002 2:30 am

OOk,,, So I See The Easy-Start-Kit... Are There any English Language Sited that sell this Kit? And has anyone Use It.. I have a Naish Arx 13.5 and it's A B!tch to relanch.. How Helpful will this be.. and what kind of winds will I need to relaunch it?

Will it launch it Light Winds?



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Postby Guest » Sat Aug 03, 2002 5:40 pm


Postby Guest » Sat Aug 03, 2002 8:19 pm

I added a v bridal to my 13.5 ARX and noticied some rips in it when i landed the kite, i think when relaunching it was pulling from the strut and this caused the rips, has anyone elses kite ripped while using a v bridle

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