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Tansania or Mozambique in August

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Tansania or Mozambique in August

Postby Steve McMief » Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:09 pm

I am thinking of going to Africa in August for a holiday that should be about 50% kiting. We will be a group of four experienced kiters.

Which country would you recommend? Tansania or Mosambique

This is what I am looking for:
I want to see various spots: waves and flat for freestyling, however I am picky about crowds and chop. I am good enough, so I don't need any kiteschool or rescue boat infrastructure.

This is what I have heard so far, but I don't know to a 100% whether it's true:
Zansibar has a nice but sometimes choppy innerreaf. Waves aren't great and very far out. Also, the island has little to offer besides beaches and kiting. Is that true?

Does anybody know the mainland coastline of Tansania? Is it possible to do a jeep-tour along the coast, checking out places and kiting at will?
What is the wind difference between Zansibar and Tansania mainland?
What is the wind difference between Mosambique and Tansania?
I have heard that the north of Mosambique has a wind season, but the south doesn't.
Does that mean that winds in August are better in the North as it is the windy season there?
Are there any good websites for wind data?

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