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Kite Kahuna in Sunset Beach, Cape Town. A warning.

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Kite Kahuna in Sunset Beach, Cape Town. A warning.

Postby Reinhard L » Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:42 am

Hi, a little warning..

A dear friend of mine booked last year with Kite Kahuna's in Cape Town. To make sure we are talking about the right place, it is owned by a German guy called Wolfram Reiners, situated at 24 Albus Drive in Sunset Beach.

Before she arrived she was asked to pay in advance, we are talking 2400 Euro which included a Citi Golf. This was for three months, car and room.

This is a short story about a crook who ripped my friend off and according to my Google search, quite a number of people.

- The Golf broke down after three days. Calling Wolfie (his nick name) she was told to bring the car back to him (she was on a tour). As this was impossible he told her to get it fixed and she would get the money back from him. She paid and got it fixed and upon her return, he never gave her the money back. He always made excuses.

- On her arrival he started immediately asking her to go on a date. This was within 24 hours upon her arrival. She felt very uncomfortable as he was very pushy. Over the next few days she had to keep saying no.

- He had promised kite lessons (he was bragging how good he was, that he is a IKO certified instructor, blah die blah) plus that all equipment was included in the payment she had made. Three times it was cancelled and when he finally organized a trip she was asked to pay 500 Rand as petrol compensation as he wanted to drive to Cape Agulhas.. Now you have to understand, Cape Agulhas is a five hour drive in a VW bus (he has an old white VW bus). She kindly declined.

- After two weeks, my friends father had a stroke and she went back home to be with him. A week and half later he passed away. She asked for some form of compensation, as she was not coming back. The answer was no. She did not get a penny back.

- She than asked for an invoice as she had made the payment from overseas to his account in Cape Town. This way she could claim it back from her travel insurance. Again, the answer was no. He never provided her with an invoice.

The reason why I am writing this piece is to warn you about him and his kite school. He is terrible man to deal with, has a very short temper, has been reported to the local police for many issues relating to his guests (Google it, you will find plenty stories).

Now ask yourself the following question, why does his school not have a Face Book page? Why does he not appear on Trip Advisor? The positive reviews which I could find are made by people with one posting (probably the owner himself).

If you want my friends details to verify that this all true, please email me.

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