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holes in kite

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Re: holes in kite

Postby consumer » Sat Apr 21, 2012 11:23 pm

Bigdog wrote:Further to my previous post I would ask any seller to show me a video of the kite flying at zenith and back and forth and let go of the bar etc. You could easily see a pulling one way kite that way. Also a video or pics of details on the kite is easy now and should be expected IMO.

You are asking for the seller to make a video of how his kite flies....? Have you ever gotten a seller to do that for you?

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Re: holes in kite

Postby Dimitri M » Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:30 am

Hello Mr. keegster17,
Very small pin holes are ok. Some times these holes happens from when the factory is unrolling the fabric. The only time you can see these holes is when you have a black canopy and you put it against the sun light. Any way, these very small pin holes are fine. But on the other hand if you get very small tears of 2 to 3 mm then this is different. Usually you get these tears from putting your Twin Tip board on the kite fins down and from the wind the canopy will rub against these fins and create a cut, or from rigging on the beach and you will get these small tears from the shells or from hard surface, or sometimes from packing it in your car.
Any way if you have these types of tears then definitely you will need to fix them before you go out again. These are very easy to fix. Do what Mr.sarc said. You can always get some KITEAID if you want. But if you want to fix these small pin holes it would not hurt.

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Re: holes in kite

Postby toyletbowl » Sun Apr 22, 2012 3:06 am

I think $100 refunded back on a used kite from a private seller is excellent. Being used, the kite is already discounted and taking $100 off is quite fair from the seller.

Small pinholes are very very hard to see some times and if it's on the canopy, the fix is really easy and won't devalue the kite anywhere near the $100 less you got.

If the pinholes are in a higher stress area, tape it both front and back.

Hope this helps,


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Re: holes in kite

Postby joefaust » Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:28 pm

No discount. Actually pay the seller a bonus for opening the door to a neat world of holey kites and holey controls of kites. Those pin holes are just the beginning of a great adventure in holey kites and their actions.

Holes may be kite blessings:

The family of "breathing" kite covers:

:D Yes, the elastic seams that open to Hook's Law may be judiciously placed in kite covers for some over-pressure release.
:D The very ageing of kite covers brings on increased porosity that soften the flights.
:D Porosity control of kite covers is in the literature. Sensors and reactions could let a flight have the porosity wanted. Oscillations via porosity changes: close and then open, etc. Such may be a means to drive a working AWES for cross winding or for tether-tension oscillating.
:D Holey kites with controls at some holes is a strong part of wing design in aviation. Slots, slats, tunnels that communicate from bottom of wing to top of wing, etc.
:D Have graded porosity in a fabric wing to give flows that meet wishes.
:D Judiciously sized and placed holes in kite cover has long tradition. Purposes vary. In some holes: place rotary turbines for decoration or for generation of electricity. Judiciously slide hole covers over holes and release for various actions.
:D Suction? (inhale) ... by shape logic or/and powered devices
:D Blowing? (exhale) ... by shape logic or/and powered devices
:D Virgin design of a kite cover may specific the amount of porosity wanted.

Cellular kites ... full of holes
Tetrahedral kites ... full of holes
Vents in sleds ...
Here is a neat holey kite:

:idea: :idea: Put some reinforcing about a hole; set up a control flap that can cover the hole and uncover the hole; obtain a control of the kite's flight by such method.

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Re: holes in kite

Postby janaeo » Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:59 am

ive bought all but one kite from ebay, (never had the money for brand new..yet)
but im of the opinon that if somethings advertised it should be that way,

i know we dont always check out kites over very often but if you are selling it,,,,,you do,,,, or should to avoid problems.

that being said good on the guy for working with you.

ive never had a problem with holes, most being pinpricks,
but like an earlier post, either use spinnaker tape (easily available) or just get a kite repair kit from any kite shop or ebay again, ive got a kit in one of my bags (had it for ages, only used it a couple times)
but i would say ensure you cut the patch in to a circle and put on both sides of the canopy then smooth with a spoon or something (both sides) especially around the edges, to ensure proper adhesion. wont have a problem

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