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Foil relaunch. I feel so sorry for PMU

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Re: Foil relaunch. I feel so sorry for PMU

Postby loco4viento » Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:06 am

Pump me up wrote: Actually, we consider you a low-beginner rider
We? That's funny. Time to bump up your dosage a bit and get those voices to go away.

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Ned Divine
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Re: Foil relaunch. I feel so sorry for PMU

Postby Ned Divine » Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:56 am

Noo Noo wrote:
Ned Divine wrote:
ChickenTikka wrote: Relaunching in very light wind with foils is a piece of cake. With LEIs it's a dream.
(meaning it doesn't really happen, you only dream it could happen while swimming but it doesn't)
(gusts excluded, talking about steadily very light wind, below 9 knots)
I don't think I'd get out of bed for 9 knots. I certainly know my mate who likes his Peter Lynns wouldn't stir in the slightest in those conditions. He'd prefer to keep on snoring I reckon.

Sorry, yes I would ge out of bed. To go and do something else!

Lets all be clear here. kiting below 15mph (13-14kn) whether you're on a foil or a pumper is just not very good. Perhaps you can mow the lawn with your foil in 9kn but that doesn't really rock my boat to be honest. After that it's whatever rocks your boat as far a I'm concerned.
You can do all sorts of new and old school tricks in sub-10 knots if you have a powered enough kite and you have taken the effort to learn kiting in low wind. Dismissing low wind kiting as mowing the lawn is simplistic and ignorant. Mowing the lawn or not does not depend on the conditions, it depends on the rider. In my place we have an abundance of riders mowing the lawn in however strong the wind is while a few of us do all sorts of tricks in sub-10. Try for yourself before being so sure. 8)

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Re: Foil relaunch. I feel so sorry for PMU

Postby Kamikuza » Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:45 am

Pump me up wrote:Actually, we consider you a low-beginner rider, based on your effusive posts about nailing your first (hooked-in) back roll and numerous self-rescues.

Not to mention the fact that you spend 23h of every day browsing kitesurfing forums, indicating a whole suite of weird ram-loving behavioural traits, best left for analysis on another day.

All of which makes your forceful statements - as if you are some sort of expert - about various aspects of kitesurfing - even more ridiculous.
Says the man who defines a bird's wing as "rigid", same as an aircraft wing :lol: ridiculous? Not half! Post your text file again please, Dr Chumpy!

You know, if I'm a low beginner than the other guys here must be utter muppets cos my foil kites are total crap (as you say) yet I'm still out there riding when they're walking. I'm jumping and having fun when they're just staying upwind ... so either my gear is shit-hot or my skills are.

Yep, hooked-in backrolls - and frontrolls too. All learned with the biggest foil and TT on lightwind days ... while everyone else sat on the beach. Mow the lawn, me? Never.

Try again Pumpy - or better yet, man up with some of your own videos, pictures, personal information etc, if you wish to truly prove your worth in this meritocracy!

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