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Carnasa Islands kitesurfing trip movie

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Carnasa Islands kitesurfing trip movie

Postby fun2kite » Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:22 pm

Hi All,

This trip actually happened over a year ago, but I only got to pull together a short movie now.

For those wondering: Carnasa and Cuyo Islands are arguably windiest destinations in Philippines. The trick is getting there :-) One can get to Cuyo on a local ferry from Manila (I think).
But the trip is not for the faint of the heart.

Carnasa Islands are inaccessible, except by a private transport, which is what we did.

Thanks to Johannes Bley we were able to procure a local fishermen's banka-boat and a captain who agreed to risk traveling all the way to Carnasa from Coron. We were lucky with calm weather in both directions, otherwise I think that boat would not make it.

It all started with me looking on Google Earth in search of some new remote location in the middle of nowhere. I found an amazing looking group of islands in Sulu sea and started looking for ways to get there. Eventually I was introduced to Johannes, who happen to live in Coron and who had his own small bank-boat. He immediately got excited about the idea and we started preparing. Soon we realized that his boat is too small to cross the 70km gap between Coron and Carnasa as it kept blowing there 25+ knots and waves on the approach were quite big.

John started talking to local fishermen about the idea, but most did not want to travel that far as none of them every been there. Finally one brave captain was found and he agreed to take us there.

His first issue was to collect enough gas into plastic canisters so that it would last for both ways.
In Coron there are no gas stations. Gas is being sold by the litter on the road from Coca-cola bottles. Once he was able to collect enough gas also find his crew, we were ready to depart.

Me and 3 of my friends flew to Coron to meet-up with John and get on the way.

The trip was true exploration adventure as none of us knew what to expect at Carnasa.

We had our share of positive and negative surprises including hitting a reef with our boat 5km of the Carnasa Island one day. We made it back to our small spec of land we called home only thanks to creativity of the captain who managed to take off the propeller while diving under the boat and attach an old spare one that got us moving again.

Our wind timing was terrible and during our journey we only got wind 50% of the time.
Still, this was one of the most amazing trips I ever took and I wanted to share some footage from the trip with everybody.



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