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Paul Franco em Portugal

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Paul Franco em Portugal

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 27, 2003 1:09 pm

A Estado Crítico tem o prazer de trazer o conhecido kiter profissional Paul Franco a Portugal.<br><br>
Nos dias <b>31 de Junho e 1 de Julho</b> vamos promover clinicas sobre Kiteboard de maneira a dar a conhecer os produtos da Naish entre a comunidade do kite em Portugal.
Também vamos promover demos e test center.<br>
<b>A agenda será a seguinte:</b><br>
<b>Dia 31 de Junho (Segunda-Feira)</b><br>
Local: Troia Naish Center - Beach Club Sol-Troia, Troia<br>
Hora: Final manhã até final do dia<br>
Infra-estruturas: Beach Club com piscina, bar, praia concessionada,quiosque, etc.<br>
Contacto: Miguel (Troia Naish Center) 91 9357473 ou Ricardo Gomes 91 9070083<br>
<b>Dia 1 Junho (Terça-Feira)</b>
Local: Guincho - Zona Norte- Bar do Guincho<br>
Hora: Final da manhã até final do dia<br>
Contacto: Ricardo Gomes 91 9070083<br>
<b>Clinic Objective</b>
Naish International's goal with the Paul Franco Kiteboarding Clinics is to grow the Naish brand by educating your dealers and consumers with in-depth technical knowledge of our product line. Our objective is to assist our importers increase sales by utilizing the Naish International Kiteboarding Team to highlight the technical features of our kites, kiteboards and accessories.
Paul Franco‚s Background
Born in Brazil, Paul Franco is currently based in the kiteboarding capital of the world -- Maui, Hawaii.
Paul is a professional kiteboarder, and a proud member of the Naish International World Cup Team.
He is a certified „Naish Tech Rep, which means that he does technical seminars for the Naish brand, as well as research, development, and testing for Naish International‚s kiteboarding department.
Along with his responsibilities at Naish, Paul is an "International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) Senior Examiner", with vast experience teaching school instructors, and students.
Best of all, Paul is well known, well liked and well respected in the kiteboarding industry.
<b>Clinic Agenda & Options</b>
Free Naish Product Presentations ˆ Consist of „question/answer‰ seminars with detailed technical explanations, which highlight the unique features on Naish kiteboarding products.
Product presentations and technical talks can take place at dealer shops, kite schools, or local kiting spots.
"Intro-to-Kiting" clinics on the beach for beginner and intermediate kiters
Naish Product Demos on the beach for intermediate and advanced kiters only

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