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Postby Guest » Tue Aug 06, 2002 6:09 am



Postby Guest » Tue Aug 06, 2002 4:21 pm

Super Board,
can sell this board for 550 euro new
including ship europe


Postby Guest » Tue Aug 06, 2002 10:12 pm

Any more indications than that....?

Rider feeling, best windrange,
quality, accessoiries...?
Any more info would be appreciated


Postby Guest » Wed Aug 07, 2002 10:50 am

yes anything else?i'm 95kgr and i think about loose-spoiler(140 or 150)-bitbull(147).wavy area with chop/


Postby Guest » Wed Aug 07, 2002 11:00 am

I have used the Loose Ex-138 as my all around board now for about 3 months. Really, really like it. I am 75kg. I sold a couple to friends and they are also super happy with them. One friend said that the only thing wrong with the board was that he didn't buy it last year. If you are over 80kg, get the EX153 and get a bit more planing area.

If you are a newer kiter, go for the AX series. Really nice and forgiving. Holds a really good edge.

Quality is good. Great support from the manufacturer. Accessories are good, really nice footpads and straps. Price is great.

I sell loose boards in Denmark, so you might think I am biased... But they really do work well and I have no worries about promoting them.

Best regards,


rene q
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Postby rene q » Wed Aug 07, 2002 11:12 am

If you like a wakestyle oriented board for medium to strong wind, this is a great one. Due to its small size its great fun to ride. Its lively and holds good edge due to its very thin and sharp rails. The design is in perfect balance and the absolutely BRILLIANT footstrap/pad design holds your feet extremely great.
As I'm experimenting with new board designs all the time, mine has only sailed apx. 5 times, and is for sale for 400 Euro if you are interested (honestly not the reason why I say I like it!).


Postby Guest » Wed Aug 07, 2002 12:33 pm

Hi, Marc or others,

what is a good 2 board quiver from Loose.?
AX160 and EX138 or AX150 and EX138....?

How much wind can the AX150 and WK155
handle before it gets uncomfortable.?
And how early do they plane-up.?

I am also sailing Warrior 9.3 and Mastair 12
Marc you use these kites too don't you.?
How do they handle with the above boards.?

Sorry lots of questions but would
really like som info on them, it is very
hard to find something on the net about
them, they are however used much in France and Italy


Postby Guest » Thu Aug 08, 2002 11:52 am

I use AX160 for winds up to 15/18 knots.
With more wind i use the EX138.
Perfect combination.
If your weight is under 80 kg you can also
use AX150 and EX138, otherwise i would use the AX160 for earlier planning.


Postby Guest » Thu Aug 08, 2002 12:01 pm

I haven't used the WK155 much so I won't comment on it.

I think the EX138 and AX150 are a good combo for my weight (75kg). I feel that the AX160 would be too big for me, even as a light wind board. Remember that the hourglass shape on the AX150 means that its edge feels much longer than a normal 150cm board. Also the hourglass shape gives a large planing area on the front and back.

I have used the warrior 9,3 and mastair 12 with the AX150. I have been out on the AX150 and the mastair 12 and jumping 1-2m when others at my ability level were not having fun on airblast 16 also with a 150 board. I've been out with the AX150 and warrior 9.3 in around 10 knots. Could go sort of upwind some of the time when the water was really flat. But its not fun.

Highest wind I have been out in with the AX150 is around 26 knots average in the winter. That was with a Maniac 7. I've been out in about the same winds with the Warrior 9.3 and EX138.

I have switched over to Warriors now but I think I actually prefer the mastairs over the warriors when they are flying. The only problem with the mastairs is that they don't have autostable profile which is frustrating when you are trying to learn new moves.

I primarily use the EX138 now. Even in light wind. I've been surprised how well it works even in light wind.

In really light wind I have been experimenting with a big directional again and the floatation of a big board is really nice. I think in really light winds you need some flotation in the board, planing area won't help much until you get moving.

Sorry if this post is a bit disjointed and confusing, but hope it helps somewhat.




Postby Guest » Thu Aug 08, 2002 5:34 pm

Hello Marc, thank you for all the info,
some last questions left:

Minimum windstrenght for fun with these 2 combo's:? (80kg rider, experienced)
AX160/AX150 and Mastair 12m &
EX138 and Mastair 12m

Thank you for all the info.

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