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Airush support sucks!

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Re: Airush support sucks!

Postby Kyle_F » Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:39 pm

Aloha Exuma,

Sounds like it was a miscommunication at best. If you are over it, you are over it.

Lesson learned.

I am here to help when you are ready. I hope you are getting good winds where you are.

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Re: Airush support sucks!

Postby naishdude » Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:54 pm

Well it seems I am the only one who seemed to have got a perfect service.
I had one of the first Sector boards, first I got in contact with Airush USA the product manager(Dave T.), who himself tried to work things out for me and even sent me some parts...

I live in Europe, when this did not workout, he contacted the dealer/importer, and after getting us in contact with each othe, everything got worked out in no time!
I received a new board, without any discusion, when it happened the newer board version1.5 had the same problem, I got a new version2 board for just a small amount (100€) all shipping back and forward(From one EU country to another) was paid by airush!

This gave me comfidence.
I have no Airush kites or other gear and am not affiliated to airush by any means, just to make that clear :wink:
Dude :cool2: (Frank L. Belgium)

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Re: Airush support sucks!

Postby yuko » Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:04 pm

Myself, I had a good experience with Airush lately aswell. Had an issue with pretty much brand new Donkey stick on 2012 Analog bar, emailed at - was assisted by Kyle within 6 hours, who transferred me to trident the same day, Trident replied within few hours aswell and few days later, new Donkey stick replacement part was at my doorstep.


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Re: Airush support sucks!

Postby dusta » Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:29 am

i had a sector 60 v2 . Brand new and within three months the board had delaminated just in front of the front footstraps . My airrush dealer in perth,australia got a replacement from airrush within weeks . They gave me the option of a new v2 or waiting for the v3 with no money changing hands . now have a v3 60 and a very happy customer so as far as i am concerned airush support gets two thumbs up from me

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