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SS Celeritas 2012 vs 2013

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SS Celeritas 2012 vs 2013

Postby shinn007 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:57 am

Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you tried the 2013 Celeritas. The tail has changed significantly compared to the 2012. What are the effects?
Seems to me there's not that much a difference between the 2013 Celeritas and Tyrant. Or am I wrong?

Previous years owned a Tyrant (BWP before) 6'2". Last year I switched to the 5'11" Celeritas. Now I can sell it pretty good so thinking about what to get...Allways loved the Tyrant and had to get used to the Celeritas (less power in the turns) but that's a nice board as well.
I surf on the Northsea, shoulderhigh waves, short and pretty messy..I'm 95 kg.

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Re: SS Celeritas 2012 vs 2013

Postby ulx » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:17 pm

I own both. And surf the Northsea mostly, too. I weigh 80 kg. The last two years I had the Tyrant for the bigger days and Denmark and the Celeritas (5´8) for average stuff. Last year I almost only used the Celeritas no matter what the conditions.

The 2013 Celeritas is a completely different board from 2012. Have used the ´13 for about 10 times now. It decent surf in Denmark and smaller stuff here in Germany. It feels very nice but not as fast on a straight line as the ´12. In waves it is tons better. Very very easy to handle. I am selling my Tyrant now. Haven't tried it back to back with the Tyrant but I guess the Celeritas planes earlier and keeps planing longer on the waves and I think the board is wider in front which I think might help with strapless jumping. I still have to figure out if I should keep the ´12 Celeritas for flat water. Have to try them back to back for that.

I have seen the new 5´11 Celeritas, too. That thing is huge! I am pretty sure I would not want such a big board if I weighed 95 kg.

Maybe this helps a little.

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