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Fishy Boards, A Unique Brand New Custom Board Company

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Re: Fishy Boards, A Unique Brand New Custom Board Company

Postby fishyboards » Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:21 pm

Thanks for the support guys. We CAN customize the flex profile within reason. We've been experimenting with different flex profiles. Our standard boards will be on the stiffer end simply because we like riding stiffer, more high performance boards, but we can always go more flexible.

I understand that the market is saturated, but I feel there is a place for a high-end custom board company. Also, we're starting with building kite, skim, and surfboards, but we plan to expand to SUPs, wakeboards, and longboard skateboards. Building boards for six different sports taps into six different markets, giving us a much broader overall market than just twin-tip kiteboards.

Also, with regards to companies selling last year's models for cheaper than we can go, this would be a problem for us if our boards were not such high quality, but since we're building with better materials than most major companies, we can justify our prices. You'll never see f-one sell one of their carbon boards for under 500 USD. All our boards come standard with carbon and are on that level quality-wise, but our boards start at 475 USD.

Thanks again for the feedback guys. Every opinion helps!

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