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Kite/Surf Trip to Costa Rica or Nicaragua

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Kite/Surf Trip to Costa Rica or Nicaragua

Postby SkyWalk » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:12 pm

Hello to all,

Hopefully someone can help me with some input on both of these countries. My friends and I are trying to go on a trip to Costa Rica or Nicaragua depending on conditions and recommendations. We are trying to go for the first 10 days in December. In terms of Costa Rica, Ive heard that Bahia de Salinas is the spot to go in terms of kiting. Predominantly the crew surfs more than kites, but we want to be able to do both (hopefully). Because of this we are thinking of heading to the Nicoya Peninsula starting near Tamarindo and heading to Mal Pais. Ive heard its more of a surfing area, but will there be places to kite there in beginning of December? What sort of wind speeds?

The other option in Nicaragua but I know way less about. Ive heard good things too, but I rather ask you guys. Any recommendations?

Either way, i appreciate your feedback.

Thanks again

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Re: Kite/Surf Trip to Costa Rica or Nicaragua

Postby tmcfarla » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:38 am

Bahia Salinas is about the only place in Costa Rica I know of. There is no surfing there. The wind tends to be really strong in December- last time I was there we got many days above 40 knots, and none below about 25-30. It is pretty far to any surfing spots, so it might be hard to coordinate with non-kiters.

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Re: Kite/Surf Trip to Costa Rica or Nicaragua

Postby mede » Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:38 pm

dominical in costa rica is nice for surfing, we had some kiteable days there as well with a big kite (12m2)

Bahia salinas is nice for freeriding, no waves at all.

In nicaragua, you have the lake nicaragua with some nice spots for freeride, and on the west coast some fantastic surfspots.
Wind is pretty offshore though, thus best contract a local fisherman to bring you to the spot and supervise

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