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Hip replacement and still kitesurfing

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Re: Hip replacement and still kitesurfing

Postby madmax7 » Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:37 pm

Hi Tony,

I'm 53 and had a hip resurface 6 years ago, took about 4 months of rehab to go back windsurf and kite.

Research hip resurfacing, a better optio than full replacement. I was out of hospital in 2 days and w/o crutches and driving in 10 days. Used cane for an additional 5 days.

The main thing w rehab is PT and hit gym w hip specific exercises ( exercises that I had never done before)

In 6 months I was back playing basketball (which doc does not approve me doing due to impact)
And what felt strange is that first 2 years on certain moves it would feel like a "loose wheel"

No worries, after resurf you'll be better, go to forums and make sure and I stress make sure you go to an experienced Resurf surgeon.

Goog luck, by the way I may have to resurf my other hip next fall season so I can rehab over winter ( I prob ought to quit BBall , haha)


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Re: Hip replacement and still kitesurfing

Postby transcanadatom » Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:10 pm

Mee too! I had resurfacing and it changed my life, in fact I could never kite before doing it 4 years ago but now I kite 150 days a year, summer winter! I Have to try real hard to remember which one I resurfaced. The Birmingham Hip is what I received, the originator of the procedure. This for me was life changing and I would recommend it it anyone.

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Re: Hip replacement and still kitesurfing

Postby vkngktr » Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:29 pm

I had my right hip replaced one year ago yesterday. Best thing I ever did. Seems it came from years of abuse. It never bothered me much until a bad kite loop landing. That was the final straw. Anyway I researched quite a bit but and went to see an MD at NY Hospital for Special Surgery. He suggested resurfacing. I however did not want metal on metal. There are many recalls on metal-on-metal. I received some unbiased opinions from orthopaedic surgeons who agreed with my opinion on this. Another concern was hip dislocation. I asked a few people who had had the surgery and subsequent dislocations what would happen if I suffered a dislocation while kitesurfing. The unanimous decree was "You will die". I found the surgical approach was the most important factor in reducing this risk. I underwent an Anterior Approach using a special surgical table(HANA). The hip was replaced without cutting of any muscles and/or tendons, etc. My risk of dislocation is no more than prior to the procedure. Also because you are on your back the alignment and leg length was perfect which are the most important factors in prosthesis longevity.
Although recovery was painful I was back kiting in 10 WEEKS to the day. I still jump, do kite loops and kite surf as much as I can. Never a thought about my hip anymore.
Heres a pic 6 months post surgery.

tony montana
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Re: Hip replacement and still kitesurfing

Postby tony montana » Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:58 pm

Thanks guys,a lot of good info will checkout all the options.TONY

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