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Inflatable LEI Trainers

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Re: Inflatable LEI Trainers

Postby Peter_Frank » Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:41 pm

They will fly fine, in a couple of knots (if experienced) :thumb:

If you go out with your 5 or 7 m2 kite, it can be flown in almost no wind at all - the smaller the kite, the less wind it needs 8)
Beginners always mistakenly think that bigger kites can fly in less wind - but it is definitely quite opposite.

In 8-10 knots they are powered so you can usually just "park" the kite in the air - so easy.

But in 2 knots it can still be flown, when doing figure 8s or loops - quite amazing actually !

This is not possible with big kites, 12m2 and up - they can not fly in such low wind....

So a 3 or 4m2 LEI (not a trainer) could be used, and then you have a kite for the windy wavedays too :rollgrin:

:D Peter

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