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Advice on North Evo 2013 or Cabrinha SB 2013

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Advice on North Evo 2013 or Cabrinha SB 2013

Postby gilmerp » Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:51 am

Hi all,
Hoping you can help. I am a 95kg beginner/intermediate rider who is looking to master jumping, and back-rolls before spending more time in small surf. I have been riding a 2010 Cabinha SB 10m and 14m. It's been a great and reliable kite to learn on. But I am not enjoying riding them as much as I used to due to the heavy bar pressure, that takes a lot of energy turning with one hand whilst riding. I took the 2013 North Rebel out over the weekend and loved the feel of the kite. The only problem is the 5th line, which caused me huge issues after a few big wipeouts. The fifth line wrapped around the leading edge and there was no way it was re-launching.
From trawling through the seabreeze blogs, I have seen comments that the 2013 Cabinha's are better on the bar pressure but still have a 'truck' sensation. I am now looking at the 2013 Evo as a possible alternative to the Cabrinha and would like any riders with experience on both the Evo and Cabrinha to comment on ;
• whether the Evo bar pressure is less than the latest cabrinha's ?
• are the EVO's similar to the cabrinhas
• I have also read that the Evo's are traditionally pretty crap at going upwind compared to the rebel. Not keen on going backwards on-going upwind.
• Is the new cabrinha SB 2013 any good in the waves ?
• I have heard the ncabrinha SB 2013 is less powerful than the 2010, so where I use to ride a 10m, do I now need an 11 ?
Thanks all for any advice you can give,

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Re: Advice on North Evo 2013 or Cabrinha SB 2013

Postby WndRdr » Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:09 pm

I have not ridden new Cab's but since you tried Rebel I can tell you some things how Evo differs from it.

Bar pressure. Both Evo and Rebel have two settings for it. From lightest to hardest: Rebel light < Rebel heavy=Evo light < Evo heavy. I have tried some older Cab and it had tons of more bar pressure than Evo.

Upwind. Evo does not match the Rebel on upwind which is incredible but Evo has improved so it is much easier to get upwind with Evo 2013 than it is with older Evo.

Jumping. With Rebel you need time the jump more correctly to get really high. Evo is so easy to jump, just sent it and go high. Rebel has a bit better hang time, but Evo is good in that area also. The bigger difference is that Evo feels to have more lift up when jumping. Rebel is incredibly soft up and down. With Rebel you do not need to fly the kite so quickly forward. With Evo you need to keep the kite flying forward to give you smooth landing. But with Evo that is so easy and the landigs are equally soft as with Rebel.

Unhooked freestyle. Rebel is improved in this area but I feel the Evo being still better in this area with better pop and easier landings.

With Rebel you need to have a bit more experience to fly it so that you get it going in lightest wind. Evo is more park and ride as it has a bit more torgue without needing so much flying speed.

Rebel and Evo are both great kites. They just have a bit different feeling.

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Re: Advice on North Evo 2013 or Cabrinha SB 2013

Postby hmattar » Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:33 pm

I have the same weight and I had switchblades for a long time, until the day I found out I could ride without having my arms geting tired from bar pressure.
Then I sold all my switchblades and never looked back.
If you don`t like heavy bar pressure, just cross the switchblade out of your list and look into other models.

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Re: Advice on North Evo 2013 or Cabrinha SB 2013

Postby davesails7 » Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:03 pm

If you like the Rebel, but want 4 lines, the North Fuse is the kite you want. It is designed to be as close as possible to the Rebel, but flies on 4 lines instead of 5.

I haven't ridden the Evo, but for Evo vs. Fuse/Rebel I have heard: Evo is better for unhooking and kiteloops. Fuse/Rebel is better for upwind, higher jumps, and more hangtime.

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