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Speed 4 questions

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Re: Speed 4 questions

Postby jumarcil » Sat Jan 05, 2013 9:53 am

I am not sure that I would trade my smaller F-One B6 for a Speed 4 8m but my point was that the new speed 4 behaves very good in gusty conditions:

that review pretty much sums it up: ... 569&type=3

All in all:
We really had a lot of concerns about this kite. But after today we love it and won't change it ;)
I normally ride tubes when the wind is over 25kts. For safety reasons and because the tubes are just more rigid and stable in these conditions.
But the Speed 4 has totally showed us today that they work in higher winds. And not only 4 pros. There where some other testers that really liked the kite.


As mentioned before: Gust eater.
But also when you depower the kite it's still super stable.
Even at the beach when you land it, we normally have wing tip collapsing wight the Speed3's (cause the wind comes a bit over trees and there are wind rotors). Not with the Speed 4's at all. STABLE! As mentioned before: Gust eater.

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Re: Speed 4 questions

Postby Séb » Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:37 pm

I had the chance to try my Speed4 10m deluxe yesterday on the frozen lake. Wind was 20-27 knots, I'm 192lbs with skis. The wind was a little bit gusty but not that much but I never felt anything in the kite, way much stable then my Speed3 12m dlx, nothing to compare in term of stability. I would effectively be ready to ride this kite in very gusty wind anytime. Also, the depower of this kite is just huge! I am sure I will be able to kite with it at 35 knots and will probably don't need the depower strap.

The kite is faster then the Speed3 but not as fast as a fast LEI. The bar pressure is slightly higher then my 21m, not a big difference but you can feel it is more. In higher winds this is not a bad thing, I could better feel where the kite was when I was jumping. Going upwind felt as easy as the Speed3 but going downwind was sooo much easier, even when the lines where slack the kite was drifting well, a thing that was not possible with the S3.

Overall, I see a lot of improvements on this Speed4, the greatest being the stability for higher winds. This is a great kite that you need to try if you are interested in a Flysurfer kite. For winter, it is the best for me as I hate to inflate my LEI when it's cold.

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Re: Speed 4 questions

Postby joedy » Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:14 pm

Could someone post some photos that show the new leading edge technology that has been implemented from GIN Kites, please?

I'm interested to see how Flysurfer has made the leading edges rigid. On my Speed 3 deluxe, the leading edge deformity is noticeable in apparent wind.


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Re: Speed 4 questions

Postby transcanadatom » Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:52 pm

Well said, yes, this kite drifts and holds it shape so very nicely. I had the 10m DL out yesterday for the first time and it has many of the attributes of the Speed 3, great glide and that magical foil float. Rock solid is what I would call it. Even in the hands of a beginner this kite is good, but given to a real flyer, this kite is really something else. It must be flown to be appreciated. So all you PMU Crew stuff it until you actually try the kite, then and only then can you comment on it and foils in general. This is an incredible wing! :thumb:

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