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Kiteboarding Gear on Domestic US Flight???

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John Doe
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Kiteboarding Gear on Domestic US Flight???

Postby John Doe » Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:58 am

Anyone know general restrictions as "carry on" on the following items on a US domestic flight?

-bar with lines?
-surfboard fins?
-harness spreader bar?

Thanks In Advance :D

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Kiteus Maximus
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Re: Kiteboarding Gear on Domestic US Flight???

Postby Kiteus Maximus » Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:23 am

If it will all fit in a bag no larger than what the particular airline allows as a carry on size then you can carry it on with you. Delta is the most stingy with their suitcase sizing so pack it in one of the medium sized roll on bags and you will be fine. I have packed all of what you listed in my roll on and never had an issue.

I ripped this from a site regarding carry on restrictions:

"Size: Calculate the size of your carry-on bag by adding the length, width, and height. Most carriers permit carry-on luggage that is not larger than 45 inches in total measurement; this includes the wheels, handles, and pockets. In addition to the total inches, many airlines will not allow carry-on bags longer than 22 inches, wider than 18 inches, or deeper than 10 inches."

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